The French answer to the Octavia Combi: The Peugeot 308 SW has a large trunk and an interesting design

Peugeot launches one of its most important models on the Czech market. The Kombi 308 SW had the upper hand of the original hatchback in the past, and it should be the same in the new generation. It has grown in all directions, for the first time it is also offered with a plug-in hybrid … Read more

These are the top bazaar cars this year. Who rules over Slovak tickets?

Long waiting times for new cars, essentially sold-out stocks, higher prices and unclear prospects for the future to improve the overall situation. The automotive sector is currently under enormous pressure, where in addition to strict emission limits and pressure to expand offerings for electric vehicles, manufacturers must also manage the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. … Read more

This is 10 second-hand car hits in the first quarter. Octavia reigns all – Counseling – Auto

The used car market has long been affected by the coronavirus, the chip crisis and now the war in Ukraine. However, the TOP10 ranking of the most popular second-hand models has not changed much. This follows from the statistics of one of the largest online car bazaars, Photo: Ľuboš Pilc, Pravda car bazaar, cars … Read more

With its improved SUV, Suzuki proves that ordinary good cars are not dead

The first generation of the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross appeared in 2006, operating in a variety of markets around the world. The model has undergone several upgrades, a version with the WRC attribute, thanks to the fact that it participated in the World Rally Car category with the Suzuki World Rally Team in 2007, and in … Read more

Geely sports sedan based on Coolray platform was faster than Octavia

Geely designers did everything to make the updated Binrui Cool move away from the Coolray crossover – the front panel, the steering wheel, the door cards, and the central tunnel have changed. The digital instrument panel is now 10.25 inches, the diagonal of the touchscreen of the multimedia system has been increased to 12.3 inches, … Read more

Hackers have phased out electric car charging stations in Russia. They insult Putin on the display

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has affected many, and Europe’s response is absolutely clear. Russian athletes got a stop, various events, sales of many products, many brands and also car manufacturers were cut off from Russia. The sanctions are simply uncompromising and should strike hard against the aggressor. Well-known hackers from the Anonymous … Read more

Octavia has an international lead: According to statistics, it is the most stolen used car

The Škoda Octavia has long been one of the best-selling cars in the Czech Republic. CarVertical, which operates a global vehicle history registry in more than 25 markets, has now assigned one international primacy to the model. In 2021, the sale of 672 cars, which was marked as stolen, was discovered through the north. And … Read more

European market in December 2021: Tesla Model 3 again the best-selling, Octavia almost overtook the Golf

The last month of 2021 was really interesting in terms of registrations. In the top 10 models we find both Dacia and Tesla or Mini. The European new car market experienced a very turbulent period in 2021. This was evidenced by the last month of the year, with only 949,252 registrations 22% less than a … Read more

Crazy waiting time. Toyota reports that its SUV is on sale and you will wait for years

Today, Toyota is best known for its reliable and perfectly tuned hybrid vehicles, which offer good value for money. Good workmanship, interesting design or low consumption is then still a very nice bonus. However, the portfolio also includes models that target a completely different group of people. In addition to the sharp sports equipment in … Read more

These are the most reliable cars in 2021. SUV models are a large representation

How the reliability of the car you own will always be a big question. It depends on countless factors that can significantly affect the condition and service life of the vehicle. Of course, the basis should be exemplary care, adherence to all service intervals and, in the event of a problem, pay attention to it … Read more