Animal welfare and SDGs, a road with a long way to go

The contribution of animals to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations Organization (UN) is neither recognized nor explicit. However, there are notable areas where animals play an essential role in the context of sustainable development. This was stated by Gabriela Olmos, from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, during … Read more

Fiala headed to Tirana for the EU and Western Balkans summit. Migration was also a topic

After the meeting, Fiala told journalists that the Western Balkans is a long-term priority for the Czech Republic. “We believe that the stability of these countries is important for our security,” he said. He described the meeting as unique, as it was the first time that it took place directly in the Western Balkans region. … Read more

The government wants to debate the extension of the retirement age as part of the pension reform — ČT24 — Czech Television

“After 2030, the demographically strong cohorts will begin to retire. I think that in order to maintain solid pensions, we should debate this,” said Stanjura. Current pensioners and people who will retire by 2030 would not be affected by the increase in the retirement age. Stanjur’s plan to extend the retirement age again is also … Read more

ANO would win the elections, ODS came second and the Pirates did better

Compared to the September survey, the ANO movement lost three percentage points. On the contrary, the Citizen Democrats improved by 3.5 percentage points. “If we look at what kind of people come to the ODS, they are those who previously voted for one of the parties in the government coalition,” said Kantar analyst Nikola Kopáčová … Read more

The electoral model shows a decline in ANO, ODS and Pirates strengthened — ČT24 — Czech Television

In October, the ANO movement would get 26.5 percent, which is three percentage points worse than last time. According to the authors of the research, the decline is mainly due to the decrease in supporters of the movement who would be willing to participate in the elections now. The smaller difference between first and second … Read more

Which ODS is happy with the result of the elections in Italy • RESPECT

In reaction to the result of early elections in Italy the Czech debate quickly split into two camps. Some wrote that the Czech ruling party is making an agreement with the fascists, others that the Brothers of Italy are a normal right-wing party, and therefore nothing is happening. Both camps missed the mark. The impact … Read more

Cuba: Apart from Budějovice, the ODS itself did not win anywhere

Would you consider the results of the ODS or the SPOLU coalition in the elections a success? On Saturday, you said that YES managed to raise people against the government. ANO’s result is greater than ours in a number of cities, and we can also see it in district cities, where ANO won despite having … Read more

Here’s what the infamous $6,500 saddle from OD’s Megane shop looks like

It hasn’t even been a week sinceOccupation Double Martinique has begun that some candidates are already standing out and fueling conversations in trade fairs. This is particularly the case of Mégane, the owner of a saddlery high-end in Terrebonne, which has a taste for luxury and is not afraid to affirm it loud and clear. … Read more

The state will open 25 kilometers of highway this year, and another 40 in a year

“In total, we will open more than 25 kilometers of new highways this year, and more than 40 kilometers next year,” outlined the Prime Minister. “There are now 239 kilometers of highways and Class I roads under construction,” he added. Of this, 150 kilometers are under construction on the so-called green field, namely D4, D3 … Read more

Unique model: Pirates grow, ODS and TOP 09 weaken

Seznam Zprávy has once again prepared a unique election model, from which readers will regularly learn who is closest to winning the next parliamentary elections. At the end of July 2022, ANO (28%) leads ODS (19%), SPD (12%) and Pirates (10%). According to the long-term model, STAN is now hovering around the seven percent threshold, … Read more