The US takes the slow route back to Latin America for now | Opinion

A new battle for Latin America may be brewing. Shortly after Trump’s departure, the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) agreed to help Ecuador refinance part of the $ 3.5 billion it owes China in exchange for blocking its access to its telecommunications networks. . The US exported more than $ 100 billion in goods … Read more

Businesses turn their backs on Donald Trump | Fortune

Since last week, when the still president of the United States, Donald Trump, instigated his followers to march on the Capitol, his brand and his fortune are in crisis. It is being rejected by some of the political donors who fed it, it has been banned from the technological platforms that have amplified its message, … Read more

The transatlantic relationship in the face of the challenge of China and Russia | Opinion

The abandonment of multilateralism and international institutions by the United States since 2016 has been condemned. Joe Biden will reincorporate the United States into the Paris Agreement to combat climate change and the World Health Organization. He is considering restoring the agreement that six powers signed with Iran in 2015 to curb its nuclear program. … Read more

IAG plans to put Aer Lingus to compete in the UK for traffic to the US | Companies

The baton of the CEO of IAG, Luis Gallego, is already perceived as the head of the airline holding company, where he is making decisions that are reminiscent of his time in Iberia. Between the first stall movements, you will put Aer Lingus, when the crisis begins to be overcome, to compete with their own … Read more

Wall Street must return its Covid earnings to society | Opinion

The world’s largest banks entered the Covid-19 crisis in good shape and are emerging with surplus wealth. Wall Street entities made huge profits operating in turbulent markets and are ending 2020 flooded with capital. Your mission for 2021 is to find an acceptable way to spend it. Earnings from trading of the benches are so … Read more

The expectation of fiscal stimulus in the US encourages the stock markets | Markets

The markets start the session higher, confident that, once and for all, the United States will be able to pass a fiscal stimulus plan that has been bogged down in Congress since the summer. Ibex futures rise 0.3%, already in the final stretch of the year. Tomorrow Friday is the expiration of options and futures … Read more

MSCI excludes seven Chinese companies banned by Trump from its indexes | Markets

The index manager MSCI, which produces some of the most used indexes in the world such as the MSCI World index, has eliminated seven Chinese companies from the so-called invertible universe, that is, from the list of shares accessible to traders. The seven companies are within the veto applied by Donald Trump to firms owned … Read more

UK is ahead of Europe and US and gives the green light to Pfizer’s vaccine | Companies

The UK has become the first Western country to approve a vaccine for Covid-19, with the pharmaceutical supervisor giving the green light to the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech. London is ahead of the EU and the United States in the emergency permit for the antidote, which is expected to be key to halting the … Read more

Trump reappears to talk about the Dow Jones: “I want to congratulate everyone […] 30,000 is a sacred number ”| Markets

In an unexpected speech at the White House, the outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, came out on Tuesday to talk about the record registered by the Dow Jones Industrialists index. The very brief appearance, in which he did not mention the transition process or accept questions, surprised locals and strangers. “I just … Read more

Shy rises in markets pending political paralysis in the US | Markets

The European markets stagnate. The second wave of infections is advancing, widespread vaccination will still be late in coming and political discrepancies in the US, with Trump clinging to the White House without admitting defeat, makes the normal transition difficult. Furthermore, there is no progress in Europe regarding the aid package. Thus, the European stock … Read more