Football World Cup in Qatar: – Offered fans to sleep in tents

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar was expected to attract more than 1.2 million visitors. The host nation still only had 30,000 hotel rooms available. According to BBC and Reutersprobably 80 per cent of these will be pre-ordered by FIFA, and should cover the stay of the various national teams, officials and sponsors for the … Read more

Following the new technical control rules, Ford vehicles no longer pass: “We are not offered any solution!”

“I am in possession of a Ford Fiesta diesel and my car no longer passes technical inspection“, “My Ford no longer passes the technical inspection and the necessary adaptations are expensive!“. Several of you have contacted us via the orange Alert us button to report the same type of problem: certain Ford brand cars that … Read more

The Chinese president offered Kim Jong-un cooperation to achieve peace, but did not mention the missile tests

“The world, our times and history are changing in an unprecedented way,” North Korean media quoted Xi as saying in a letter in response to Kim’s congratulatory message after his re-election as head of the Chinese Communist Party. Given these changes, Beijing is ready to work with the DPRK to enhance “peace, stability, development and … Read more

What causes snoring, how does it pass, what are the causes? The expert name offered solutions worth gold

Is there a definitive solution to snoring? How to prevent snoring? How to stop snoring? Here are golden suggestions from the expert… Karas, who stated that the patients were not aware of the discomfort caused by snoring and were brought to the examination by their spouses, said, “However, we, as ENT specialists, are much more … Read more

Full refunds offered to World Cup fans staying in unfinished fan villages that don’t have toilets

Some fans have found the World Cup “fan villages” lacking. (AP Photo/Hussein Sayed) Stranded World Cup fans who hoped to stay in “fan villages” are being offered full refunds by the Supreme Committee in charge of organizing the event, according to ESPN. Those fans were left without acceptable accommodations after “fan village” sites were left … Read more

Paternity leave 2023: the conditions for applying for paternity leave have not changed, but thanks to the reduced limits, paternity leave is rarely offered to fathers with a gross salary above K 40,000

Staying at home with the newborn and the mother, having the opportunity to take part in the care of the child during the first weeks of its life, and not asking for financial security, that’s what the father has first, thanks otcovsk. For two weeks otcovsk they can stay at home dads and earn money … Read more

Germany offered Poland Patriot air defense systems

“We offered Poland support with airspace security – with our Eurofighter fighters and Patriot air defense systems,” Lambrecht said. A spokesman for the German Ministry of Defense already spoke about the offer of Eurofigher machines on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the eastern Polish village of Przewodów, which lies near the Ukrainian border, was hit by a … Read more