The Russians were offered to make money on other people’s problems: Investments: Economy:

A1 investment company, part of the Alfa Group holding, has created a closed-end mutual investment fund (ZPIF), the main activity of which will be investments in “special situations”, writes RBK… Thus, the Russians will be offered to make money on other people’s problems. Related materials 00:01 — 24 August They beat their own. Why is … Read more

New Features Offered by Apple Watch Series 7

e-Flash Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a larger and thinner screen. The new Apple Watch series lasts longer with 18 hours of battery life and 33% faster charging. Here are the details of the features! 2,754 Views Wednesday, 15 Sep 2021 06:02 WIB Embed Video ” disabled=’disabled’> Syifa Nurjannah – 20 SECONDS .

Taliban Claims to Have Offered US to Help Investigate 9/11 Terror

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Taliban claims to have offered to help investigate the tragedy of the terror attacks that hit three locations in United States of America on 11 September 2001 then. At that time, the Taliban was still in power in Afghanistan. The statement was made by a spokesman for the Taliban, Shuhail Shaheen, … Read more

Residents of Solo Boyong Monstera King Varigata IDR 225 million, just one day people immediately offered, SOLO— A husband and wife in Solo became a public discussion because their actions brought a fantastic economic value to the fauna. They are Ari Winanto, 46, and Sri Hastuti, 41, a married couple from Banjarsari District, Solo, who bought two Monstera King Varigata ornamental plants from the slopes of Mount Lawu for IDR … Read more

He could have left in the summer. The Italian club offered 200 million crowns for it – SportyŽivě

He could have gone to France or Italy, yet he stayed in Eden and is now reaping the criticism of fans. The head of Prague’s Slavia, Jaroslav Tvrdík, spoke openly about the transfer of the 26-year-old goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář and his future departure. „We are patiently working to make Kolář leave, “Tvrdík said in an … Read more

Blunder in Kabul blamed on President Joe Biden: ‘Taliban offered US to secure city, Biden refused’

Washington Post sources indicate that the failure in Afghanistan, primarily securing Kabul, is attributable to US President Joe Biden, not the Taliban. They offered the US to secure Kabul so that it could be evacuated, but Joe Biden didn’t think that was necessary and left it to the Taliban. When the US plan to withdraw … Read more

A series of facts about Pablo Escobar’s wealth, once offered to pay off his national debt

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Pablo Escobar known as head drug cartel Medellin. Despite his demise, his influence on popular culture is thanks to countless books, films, and songs. Reported by History Extra, here are 5 interesting facts about this legendary criminal figure–and his seemingly limitless wealth. Intend to pay off National Debt At the height of its … Read more