They were shot dead by an arms dealer in Ismailia.. A military funeral for my officer

04:30 PM Wednesday 06 October 2021 Eastern – Heba Al-Qassas: Hundreds of residents of the city of Zagazig, Sharkia Governorate, and neighboring cities bid farewell to Lt. Col. Ahmed Jaber and Major Abdel Rahman Adel, from the Central Security Sector of the Ismailia Security Directorate, who were martyred in a raid on a criminal outpost … Read more

Police chief sees benefits for wearing a headscarf as a police officer: ‘You wouldn’t say no to a doctor with a headscarf, would you?’

Police chief and portfolio manager for diversity Martin Sitalsing sees some benefits in approving wearing a hijab as a police officer. “It doesn’t say anything about how an officer is doing her job,” Sitalsing said. Online, the chief of police can count on a lot of criticism. Police diversity commissioner Martin Sitalsing believes that a … Read more

Sri Mulyani’s strong message to the Customs Officer

Jakarta – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati gave directions to the staff of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC) of the Ministry of Finance. This is in commemoration of the 75th Customs Day. Sri Mulyani advised the DJBC staff to keep working even though in the atmosphere of the COVID-19 pandemic. He … Read more

We’ll get you, Lukashenko promises opposition leaders after the KGB officer was shot

Footage from a police camera showed men dressed in civilian clothes chopping open the front door with axes. Zelcer defended himself against them with a legally held weapon, shooting one of the men. The KGB returned fire and killed the young analyst. “When the KGB entered the room, Dmitry Fedosyuk was the first to go. … Read more

A police officer who took advantage of his official position looked at the victim: he abducted a woman, raped her and killed her.

The Old Bailey court sentenced the man to life in prison for the crimes committed. Wayne Couzens (48) abducted, raped and murdered Sarah Everard (33) on the evening of March 3 this year in Claphame. He detained the woman after taking advantage of her official position, at which time a police officer patrolled the streets … Read more

In Israel, a woman’s attempt to stab a police officer ended in death

The woman tried to stab police in one of the streets leading to the Al Aqsa Mosque, a police statement said. A AFP journalist heard the shots and saw the woman’s body lying on the ground. Israeli police opened fire on the attacker. They reported that doctors who arrived at the scene concluded that the … Read more

The story of the police officer after the arrest of Tiare Aguilera

It was early Sunday morning, when Carabineros personnel had to move to an address in the commune of Ñuñoa and which turned out to be the apartment of the conventional Tiare Aguilera and the story of the police officer who participated in the operation is decisive. In the first instance, it was indicated that the … Read more

The figure of Aipda Agus Dartono, Retired Police Officer Becomes a Silver Man

VIVA – The figure of Aipda Agus Dartono (61), retired Police sudden viral on social media because he was caught in a Satpol PP raid for begging by being manusia silver. Based on the history obtained VIVA from Polda Central Java, Agus was born in Batang, Central Java on October 10, 1960. Agus entered the … Read more

Officer hears screams and helps woman with childbirth: ‘Great moment’ | Abroad

The heavily pregnant woman was unable to reach a clinic in Kozienice, Poland, in time because her baby had already arrived. She gave birth on Tuesday near the clinic, in the parking lot. An officer who was in his police car near the hospital came to the rescue. “He heard screams and reacted immediately. Iwańczyk … Read more

CIA Officer Suffers Symptoms of Havana Syndrome on Trip to India

loading… WASHINGTON – An officer who accompanies Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief William Burns during his trip to India earlier this month suffered from symptoms consistent with Havana syndrome. Havana syndrome is a mysterious disease that has been afflicting United States (US) officials since 2016. “An unnamed CIA officer requires medical attention because of his … Read more