Improved convenience such as double speed mode, ‘Tactics Ogre Ribbon’

Square Enix held a special broadcast of the SRPG ‘Tactics Ogre Ribbon’ under development at the Tokyo Game Show today (18th). Tactics Ogre Ribbon is a new remake of ‘Tactics Ogre’, the sequel to ‘Legendary Ogre Battle’, which is considered to be the beginning of the Quarter View SRPG. The branching that changes depending on … Read more

VIDEO: firefighters dig a stuck horse out of the sand in the Blue Mountains of Ogre

The rescue operation was recorded and published on social networks by eyewitness Zane. As Zane writes, a man had taken his horse – a senior – for a walk along the Dubkalni quarry. Suddenly the horse collapsed and could no longer stand up. “The work of a firefighter rescuer is not only physically demanding, but … Read more

Edgars Iksten moves to Germany after a bright season in Ogre – Basketball –

Last year, Ikstens coached the Latvian Women’s Basketball League team “Ogres Kolibri”, which combined the students of the Ogres basketball school and the BK “Kolibri” coached by Mudīte Gūtmanes. In the course of the season, experienced players joined – Ieva Weinberga, Zane Volska, Laura Ikstena and Anete Klintsone. “Ogres Kolibri” won the second place in … Read more

Do you know that several well-known Latvian films were shot in Ogre? / LR3 / / Latvian Radio 3

Narrated by the guide of the Ogre Museum of History and Art Jana Iesalniece-Pikše Every house and yard of the cultural-historical center of the city of Ogre has its own story. The fact that even before the First World War, the public from the capital came to Ogri to relax in the summer, has been … Read more

Resurrection of the classics, ‘Tactics Ogre: Ribbon’ begins pre-order

Square Enix announced on the 4th that ‘Tactics Ogre: Ribbon’ will be pre-ordered. ‘Tactics Ogre: Ribbon’ is a modern remake of ‘Tactics Ogre’ in the ‘Ogre Battle Saga’ series that cannot be missed when discussing the masterpiece of tactics RPG. It is based on the 2010 remake of ‘Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fortune’, and focuses … Read more

Military training ‘Knight Swift 22’ begins in Jēkabpils and Ogre area

From 8 to 12 June Jekabpils In the vicinity of Ogre and Ogre, as well as in the Ādaži landfill, previously planned international military exercises “Knight Swift 22” will take place, the NAF informed the portal “Delfi”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising During the training, the multinational division headquarters “North” together with the … Read more

Rumor: Square Enix is ​​making new Tactics Ogre remaster

Square Enix recently rebranded in Japan Tactics Ogre: Reborn registered. A remaster of Tactics Ogre also appeared on a leaked list of potential GeForce Now games in 2021. Through that list, the existence of several games was leaked months before the announcements. The remaster of Chrono Cross, which came out last Friday, is an example … Read more

Shrek wedding: couple disguises the ogre and Fiona to get married

A couple had a Shrek themed wedding and dressed up as the ogre and Fiona. Photo: AFP | illustrative what a way to say yes had one couple who decided to make one themed wedding from Shrek, the ogre that captivated the seventh art. Through social networks, the Romanticand unusual, event where the bride forgot … Read more

A person died in a fire in Ogre region

Monday around 18 SFRS received an invitation to Krape parish, where a 130-square-meter residential house with an open flame burned. A dead man was found under the rubble at the scene. Firefighters allow the fire to break out due to damage to the heating system. No smoke detector was detected in the dwelling. It has … Read more

“Liepāja” breaks the Ogre people in the last quarter

In the ranks of “Liepāja”, the most productive today was Roberts Krastiņš, who realized nine of the 13 shots from the game, scoring 26 points. Great accuracy is also achieved by Kārlis Žunds, who threw seven out of nine shots from the game and scored 21 points. Roberts Bērziņš approached the “double-double” indicators – 19 … Read more