OIC organizes the annual Thailand Insurance Symposium

OIC organizes annual insurance seminars, Thailand Insurance Symposium 2021 Leading the insurance sector to manage emerging risks in the post-COVID-19 era Introducing hybrid innovation research funding ?AgentDee application? The first time of the Institute of Advanced Insurance Dr. Suthiphon Thaweechaikarn, Secretary-General of the Insurance Commission (OIC) revealed that today (17 November 2021) the Office of … Read more

Hundreds of people cry for covid insurance! mother died without money Call agent blocking the submission of the OIC (clip)

In the case of a Facebook fan page, Yarn – Zendai @zendai.org posted a message that there were many victims. insured for COVID-19 Then the company refused to pay according to the conditions. This year a lot of people are addicted. refusing to pay The lottery dealer is not yet… like this. yarn lawyer Ready … Read more

Covid insurance, struggling to solve liquidity, brew “OIC” to cancel claims for hospital patients

The president of the Thai General Insurance Association draws on lessons learned from “Asia Insurance”, urges the OIC, 2 items, “cancel payment for hospital patients – ask for information from the Ministry of Health”, hoping to quickly pay claims – to prevent fraud pointed to the impact caused by problems in the public health system … Read more

Cancellation of announcements that will not help SMK shares continue to fall 5.5%, offering the cancellation of the ‘COVID insurance’

19 July 2021 281 SMK shares fell 5.5% this morning despite the company’s announcement to cancel the announcement. cancel the policy “COVID insurance” Mr. Ruangdej Dusadeesurapot, Managing Director Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited or SMK informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand. This morning (19 July) that due to the case that the company has sent … Read more