Alerts! Not Just Sunton Capital, Here’s a List of 111 ‘Stupid’ Forex

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – universe trading foreign exchange (forex) alias forex (foreign exchange) was in an uproar after a number of social media users posted about the number of customers who suffered losses due to the alleged fraudulent investment of forex broker Sunton Capital (SuntonFX). The chairman of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Investment Alert … Read more

Don’t Get Entrapped, Check Out 4 Ways To Distinguish Original and Illegal Pinjol

PEOPLE’S MIND – The problem of illegal Online Loans (Pinjol) is still terrorizing the community. Pinjol-pinjol not registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) is considered troubling. The reason is, illegal Pinjol often doubles the interest rate that must be paid by the prospective borrower. Because it is multiplied, it becomes difficult for the borrower … Read more

The reason OJK Removes Fast Credit from Registered Online Loans

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) removed PT Alfa Fintech Indonesia (Kreditcepat) from a financial technology lending company alias online loan registered. Deletion is carried out in the form of cancellation of registered evidence. “Because of the inability of the organizers to continue operational activities,” reads the official statement OJK, quoted on Sunday, … Read more

Business Update: Fast Credit Online Loans Removed to Subway Problems in Citos

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -The latest economic and business news throughout Sunday morning, October 17, 2021, starting with OJK removing Quick Credit from the list online loan registered to the matter of Subway outlets in Citos. There is also news about Vice President Ma’ruf Amin saying the government will increase cash assistance to reduce extreme poverty and … Read more

This is the reason why the police have difficulty investigating the Pinjol crime case

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The National Police Criminal Investigation Agency recorded as many as 371 online loan crime complaints (pinjol) throughout 2020-2021. The data is an accumulation of cases from all regional police (polda) ranks and the National Police. Director of Economic and Special Crimes Brigadier General Helmy Santika said that of the 371 reports submitted, … Read more

Big Risk Reckless Not Paying Loans, Can Be Imprisoned?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Online loan services (pinjol) so far tend to have a negative connotation, although many loans are actually legal and registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This legal loan service can be an alternative for people to apply for loans. The conditions put forward are also not so difficult when compared … Read more

Do not be Wrong! Here are 9 Official Pinjols that Just Got OJK Permits

Jakarta – Recently, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has issued permits or registered marks for dozens of fintech lending services or online loans. With this permit from the OJK, it can be said that fintech lending services are included in the official pinjol. Quoted from the official website, it is stated that currently there … Read more

Two Tricks so that the Debt Collector doesn’t force the motorbike, quickly do this method if you are in arrears in installments Illustration of a debt collector. Two Tricks so that the Debt Collector doesn’t force the motorbike, quickly do this method if you are in arrears in installments MOTOR – A surefire trick let debt collector not be forced to pull the motor, the owner of the motor must know this. For motorcycle owners … Read more

Customer money can be lost instantly, this is a fraudulent investment mode under the guise of a trading robot

Source: | Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Ever heard of the term trading robot? The term trading robot is increasingly being debated in line with the growing interest in public investment. For your information, a trading robot refers to a trading platform for buying and selling assets such as currency or forex … Read more

5 Characteristics of Illegal Loans, Starting from Down Payments to Too Easy Requirements

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – One of the most widely accessed fintech products by the public is those that offer cash loan or online loan services (pinjol). Because, this service offers easy access for 24 hours and fast disbursement of funds without collateral. A number of these advantages do not exist in loan products provided by the … Read more