Police arrest Palestinian insulters through Tiktok content: Okezone News

LOMBOK BARAT – West Lombok Police arrested HL (23), a man who insulted Palestine through Tiktok content. The content of the man who works as a cleaning service viral on social media (medsos) and disturb the community. “HL, male (23), a cleaning service from Gerung Subdistrict, then brought to the Lobar Police to anticipate things … Read more

Satisfied with Tuchel’s Performance, Chelsea Gives Rp3 Trillion for Player Shopping: Okezone Ball

LONDON – Football club owner Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, reportedly satisfied with the performance of the new manager, Thomas Tuchel, this whole season. As a result, Abramovich also gave Tuchel an award in the form of large funds to shop for players in the 2021 summer transfer market. As proclaimed Sportsmole, Saturday (14/5/2021), Roman Abramovich is … Read more

Prevent Breast Cancer, Let’s Apply These 6 Steps: Okezone Lifestyle

BASED ON data and results of a number of studies, breast cancer become the most common cancer disease in women in the world. Breast cancer occurs when there is an abnormal growth of cancer cells that divide faster in the breast so that they accumulate to form a lump. There are several factors that can … Read more

Gold Price Predicted to Rp.1 Million Again, Is this an Investment? : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Gold has become one of the attractive places to invest in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. The price of gold is projected to reach another Rp1 million per gram by the end of 2021. The sentiment that influenced the price of gold, came from weaker US Treasury yields and the release … Read more

Starting Tomorrow, Random Covid-19 Backflow Homecoming Tests are Held, Here’s the Location: National Okezone

JAKARTA – Starting tomorrow, the government will hold random testing for road users of private vehicles and transportation vehicles on toll roads, arterial roads to the smallest roads in post-Eid residential areas. This anticipates a spike in Covid-19 cases. In fact, this is also reinforced by letter No. 46/05/2021 concerning the Anticipation of Community Travel … Read more

Often bullied by netizens, Mahfud MD: I am trying to set an example of becoming a clean official: National Okezone

JAKARTA – Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs) Mohammad Mahfud MD, chose to stay focused on doing good and carrying out his duties as a servant of the state. This condition makes him have no time to serve some of the netizens who bully him. … Read more

Viral Satay Sellers Are Not Paid Rp. 75 Thousand: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – A video circulating on social media shows a satay seller refusing to be paid Rp75,000 in banknotes. In fact, Bank Indonesia (BI) had previously confirmed that the 75,000 rupiah nominal Rp. 75,000 for Independence Commemoration Money (UPK) of the Republic of Indonesia could be used for daily transactions. In the video posted by … Read more

Join Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo loses Rp.189 billion per year: Okezone football

CRISTIANO Ronaldo lost 11 million euros or approximately Rp.189.5 billion per year after reportedly leaving Manchester United in the summer transfer market of 2021. According to a report by Italian journalist Fabio Santini, Cristiano Ronaldo is willing to cut his salary in order to continue his career with Manchester United. “Jorge Mendes has offered Cristiano … Read more