Automation for tens of thousands of pallets. Kaufland expands warehouses in Olomouc for 1.7 billion Company News Olomoucká Drbna

At the end of last year, the large area of ​​the Kaufland distribution center on the outskirts of Olomouc expanded with another extension. In the new part of the complex there is a warehouse with a capacity of over 23,000 pallet places, which serves a modern automatic system. Another hall is about to be completed, … Read more

Olomouc – Zlín 4: 0, Flawless Konrad erased the Rams’ shooter

The home team took the lead in the 4th minute thanks to the first offensive formation, which created a big barrier in front of Kašík and Tomeček made it to the finish line. He could immediately increase in the power play Krejčí, but this time the Zlín goalkeeper intervened well. Another great chance came in … Read more

Eliška from Radslavice became the first child of this year in the Olomouc Region

Hospitals in Šumperk and Prostějov have also welcomed their first babies this year, while the others are still waiting for their first newborns. Eliška from Radslavice weighs 3,240 grams and measures 49 centimeters, said hospital spokesman Adam Fritscher. At 05:15, a boy named Mikuláš was born in the Prostějov hospital, measuring 3,650 grams and 50 … Read more

Vítkovice – Olomouc 5: 3, Vítkovice great series continues, Bukarts shone

The match started at a brisk pace. The Vítkovice team got a chance from the first action and Lukáš had to liquidate Lakatoš’s wound after only ten seconds. The Hanák’s opportunity was not so good, but Kunc was promptly hit by a puck thrown by Švrček in front of the Trail, which ended up in … Read more

The thief ruined the family from Olomouc Christmas. He stole presents from the cellar, including a stuffed animal Crime | Olomoucká Drbna

A young Christmas from Olomouc had a sad Christmas, when an unknown thief in a housing estate near the road to Brno stole presents from a cellar. Dolls, toy cars, racetracks and even a stuffed animal have disappeared. The damage is 5 thousand crowns, the police are looking for the boy who stole the presents. … Read more

Olomouc – Karlovy Vary 3: 2 SN, West Bohemians lost to Haná after raids over two-goal lead

In the beginning, Flek seized the jumping puck, but did not overcome Konrád with a backhand. Nahodil escaped on the other hand, but Kunc overshot after his pass. During the guest power play, Pulpán charged Koblas to the left circle, and Konrád managed to move against the first shot. The score changed for the first … Read more

Will coach Jílek take Sigma’s failed fall? I don’t know if it’s on the agenda, the coach said

By winning over Zlín, you could at least partially repair your tarnished reputation. What was the problem that it didn’t work out? The competition in our country is not what it should be at the moment. We have been missing the boys in the offensive phase for a long time. The only striker available is … Read more

Olomouc surprised Sparta! Pilsen knocked down the champion, Kladno fell again

Sparta entered the match against Olomouc very well, when after 31 seconds she got into the lead thanks to Buchtel’s goal. However, the Prague team rejoiced from the lead only two and a half minutes, when Bambula took care of the equalization. The 31-year-old Prague striker entered the shooting list again in the 27th minute, … Read more

Budějovice – Olomouc 2: 1, South Bohemian jumped to seventh place in the table

The match started cautiously on both sides. České Budějovice used the situation in the 35th minute to score, but the Olomouc defense inadvertently helped them a lot. Bassey fired after Skoda’s penetration, and his attempt at a mild angle would probably not be completely dangerous in itself. However, the Hubník in Olomouc wanted to block … Read more

The first completely improved Stadler set off on the track from Olomouc. This is what it looks like

The garden with a bar in the center of Olomouc impresses with its unique atmosphere “In addition to the Olomouc – Drahanovice line, where the Olomouc region orders connections within the Haná operational group, other renovated units will be gradually deployed within the Sever operational group, namely on the lines from Šumperk to Hanušovice or … Read more