The Webb telescope will operate for 20 years. NASA will show images of the farthest object in space

Yesterday at 14:20 | Astronomy / Physics This was announced by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson On July 12, the agency will display the photo The furthest object ever captured in space. This of course was made possible thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). At the same press conference it was reported that JWST … Read more

Both Operate Unmanned Systems, Why Are Russian Drones Losing To Ukraine? – The battle between Russia and Ukraine It’s been more than 5 months and it hasn’t come to light. Special military operations Russia to its neighbors it pushes unmanned systems (drone) on the front lines of battle. Can be said, war what is happening now is the largest where the military is using an … Read more

How to operate two WhatsApp numbers on one device for iPhone and Android … Saudi Arabia

Press B – Saudi Arabia Watch how to operate two WhatsApp numbers on one device for iPhone and Android and now see the details. You can now run two WhatsApp numbers on one device for iPhone phones, as there are many reasons why some want to install two WhatsApp accounts on one device. He knows … Read more

The US Army has tested swarms of drones that operate like wolf packs – ČT24 – Czech Television

Exercise EDGE 22 (Experimental Demonstration Gateway Exercise) ended in mid-May. The military tested a weapon at Dugway Proving Ground, which many military theorists consider to be the most effective military tool of the future – the so-called wolf packs. Because several machines can hold the same function, the elimination of one or two does not … Read more

Air France able to operate without having waves of cancellations 🔑

TourMaG – As for all operators, the summer is shaping up very well for Air France, but don’t you fear that it will only be a “flash in the pan” with, in autumn, a slowdown in commitments, which could be called a “relapse”? Anne Rigail : Autumn, it’s true, that’s the big question. What will … Read more

“Nuclear Control” issues a license to operate the third unit of the Barakah plant

Abu Dhabi: Imad Eddin Khalil The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, the regulatory body responsible for regulating the nuclear sector in the UAE, announced on Friday the issuance of a license to operate the third unit of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant for the Nawah Energy Company of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, which in … Read more

The beaten hero of the Great Pardubice: It is no longer possible to operate, but I still have a taste

Before the peak of the Czech obstacle season, Bartoš would like to be in the saddle again. “Pardubická is planned, even fourteen days before that in the Gran Premio Merano, where I would attack the fourth victory with L’Estran,” the jockey who won the Velká Pardubická in 2019 told the server. He sat in … Read more

This is the shape and innards of the Chinese Space Station, Can Operate for 15 Years

BEIJING – The successful launch of the Shenzhou-14 manned mission on June 5, made China are on the fast track to complete construction Tiangong space station . This Space Station will become a national space laboratory belonging to this Bamboo Curtain country. This form of the space station is an extension of the basic Tianhe … Read more

Palembang Will Operate New 119 Km Toll Road, Here’s the Progress

Jakarta – The construction of the 119 km Indralaya-Muara Enim Intersection Toll Road continues to progress. The progress of Section 1 of this toll road, namely the Indralaya-Prabumulih Intersection, has reached 79.79%. It is targeted that the construction of the Indralaya-Prabumulih Intersection will be completed in December 2022. So that it can continue to operate … Read more

So that it doesn’t break down quickly, here’s how to operate an automatic car on an incline

Dock. AUTOMOTIVE In some cars, the transmission lever is equipped with the S (Sport) model for aggressive driving and M (Manual), it can be used when the car is invited to climb. – So that it doesn’t break down quickly, here’s how to operate automatic car on an incline at stop n go, bestie. … Read more