Woman with heart disease in Istanbul was operated while the coronavirus test was positive

Fatma Aytekin, a rheumatic heart patient, caught coronavirus before being vaccinated. Aytekin, whose heart and breathing stopped, regained his health after a 6-hour surgery. Fatma Aytekin (28), a rheumatic heart patient residing in Istanbul, caught coronavirus days before she was vaccinated. Aytekin, who has been struggling with rheumatic heart disease since the age of 13 … Read more

Pelé hospitalized for six days and operated on for a suspicious colon tumor

Brazilian Skin, 80, was operated on Saturday for a tumor “suspicious“in the colon, the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo announced on Monday, specifying that the football legend”was recovering“in an intensive care unit. The tumor was discovered during routine examinations and a biopsy will be performed, the hospital said, where “the king“Pelé has been around … Read more

Pele operated on for a tumor, the post on social media: “I will face this match with a smile on my face”

“I will face this match with a smile on my face, lots of optimism and joy to live surrounded by the love of my family and friends”. The former Brazilian footballer Pele he was operated on for suspected right colon cancer and announced it in a post on Facebook. “My friends, thank you very much … Read more

“They distributed them to the whole country”; This is how the gang that forged plates operated in Coyoacán

Five thousand license plates apocryphal of all states of the country, worth 15 million pesos on the black market, they were seized in Santo Domingo, Coyoacan. The assurance is cataloged by the authorities as the highest that has been achieved in the Mexico City. The plates were created in a small two-story building on Guamúchil … Read more

The girl from Iasi whose parents were forced by judges to treat her for cancer can no longer be operated on: She has metastases everywhere

Petronela, an 8-year-old girl from Raducaneni, Iasi County, in which the court decided to force her parents to accept cancer treatment, is in an extremely serious condition. Her mother requested the transfer from Timisoara to start chemotherapy at home, the bone marrow transplant being excluded.The director of the “Louis Turcanu” Children’s Hospital in Timisoara, doctor … Read more

Tamberi rebirth, who operated it is from Catanzaro: “Happy to have contributed to the enterprise”

Among the people who Gianmarco Tamberi, gold medal ex aequo with Mutaz Essa Barshim in the high jump at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, he cited after the magnificent result is that of Francesco Lijoi, the doctor who allowed him to return to jumping and winning, after his injury in 2016.Doctor Lijoi is originally from Sant’Andrea … Read more

They operated on him, then shone on the Tour de France. He “ran away” from the media to the Olympics

Van Aert took advantage of the strong lead in the final kilometers, accelerated and won the final stage of the Tour de France 2021 only a day after claiming victory in the time trial of the 20th stage. “This Tour was just amazing. It was such a roller coaster and to end it with such … Read more

Two-month-old Mauritian baby successfully operated on in India

Successful operation for a two-month-old Mauritian baby in India. Child, who suffered from ‘congenital glaucoma’, underwent surgery at Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital in Hyderabad, Indian newspaper reports Telangana Today this Thursday, June 8. His age was a big challenge for doctors. However, they were able to restore the baby’s vision. Congenital glaucoma is a rare … Read more

Pope Francis operated, the Pope’s health conditions

Pope Francis, still hospitalized, for the second night at Gemelli after the operation on his diverticula, “rested well during the night. This morning he had breakfast, read some newspapers and got up to walk”. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni reports this. “The post-operative course is regular. The routine check-ups are good”, he explains in the daily … Read more