special | Neymar opposes Paris and refuses to leave

Neymar’s salary may be a problem for clubs interested in acquiring his services, but it is certainly attracting wide interest. Paris Saint-Germain have become very open to the idea of ​​selling Brazilian Neymar during the summer transfer window, but that depends on the arrival of the right offer. The Brazilian winger moved to Paris Saint-Germain … Read more

The European Union sets a start date for the universal cell phone charger (and why Apple opposes it)

One Lightning cable and one USB Type-C cable The days of searching for the right cell phone charger are coming to an end in much of Europe. The European Union (EU) has agreed that for the fall 2024 all cell phones and other mobile devices will need to use a USB Type-C charger. This has … Read more

Cross-country skiing, Vegard Ulvang | Russian star strongly opposes Ulvang’s proposal

MAJORSTUEN (Nettavisen): Last week Ulvang said that one of the last things he wants to do before he resigns as chairman of the cross-country committee in FIS, is to try to get through a proposal that the women and men should go equal distances in the World Cup and in championship. If the majority of … Read more

Croatian president opposes Sweden and Finland joining NATO / Article

The Croatian president is opposed to Sweden and Finland joining NATO The Croatian president and prime minister belong to different political forces, and their views often clash. The head of government and also a majority of members of the Croatian parliament are ready to support and ratify the possible accession of Sweden and Finland to … Read more

Lee Dong-geol opposes Busan relocation, “There is no basis for creating value of 2-3 trillion won in Seoul” : Kukje Shimbun

– Remarks on the promise made by the high tide– Only one-sided argument based on the logic of the metropolitan area At a press conference to express his resignation, Chairman Lee Dong-geol (pictured) of Korea Development Bank strongly opposed the move of Saneun’s headquarters to Busan and represented the position in the metropolitan area. In … Read more

the unusual moment in which the actress’s lawyer opposes his own question (and Johnny Depp’s reaction) – Prensa Libre

Johnny Depp y Amber Heard they are starring a defamation trial after the actor sued his ex-wife for having declared that suffered from domestic violence during their marriage. Since last April 11, both artists are facing each other in this trialin which their lawyers they have presented audios, videos and testimonies as evidence to check … Read more

Trump opposes ‘comrade’ Putin for the first time: ‘I would tell him: ‘Never say the word ‘nuclear weapon’ again, or else…’”

Trump allowed himself in an interview to make a statement that is at odds with his former camaraderie with Putin. If Trump was still in power, there would have been no world war. According to the ex-president himself. In an interview for a new right-wing populist channel, he once again came into the limelight with … Read more

Mother who opposes vaccines has her daughter in a state of vulnerability

Mirna Zenteno, the public defender of Children and Adolescents of Capiatáspoke with Monumental 1080 AM about the case of the 6-year-old girl, whose whereabouts are still unknown. The lawyer stated that the mother was reluctant both times that she was constituted in the woman’s home and that despite this the separation of her and her … Read more

Dentist Lee Su-jin opposes daughter’s fierce remarriage… “If you have a child, you push it with your feet”

MBN ‘Dongchimi Show’ [인사이트] Reporter Lee Won-sun = Dentist Lee Su-jin revealed that her daughter strongly opposes remarriage. Dentist Lee Soo-jin appeared on MBN’s ‘Dongchimi’, which aired on the 9th. On this day’s broadcast, we talked about the topic of ‘Mom, don’t get married again’. Lee Su-jin, who had to divorce her young daughter, said, … Read more

Florida governor opposes transgender swimmer Thomas, an American sport looking for a way out of the schizoid situation

Controversial Thomas’ triumphwhich still raced among men in 2019, caused a storm in the sports world. Governor DeSantis has posted a statement on Twitter in which he strongly condemned the actions of the transgender swimmer among biological women. By allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a … Read more