Gendarmerie ordered an administrative summary to determine responsibilities for “subhuman conditions” in Santiago 1

The Gendarmería requested that an administrative summary be carried out to determine the responsibilities of a complaint for “subhuman conditions” in which six inmates of the Santiago 1 Preventive Detention Center were found. According to the complaint, this situation occurred in cell No. 1 of Module 88, which did not have electricity, a sink or … Read more

Lexus UX Hybrid, new DEEP SKY trim: can only be ordered online

Per la Lexus UX Hybrid (2 wheel drive) comes the new DEEP SKY set-up which is characterized by accentuating the exclusivity of the model through new colors, new design elements and the possibility for customers to be able to customize the interiors. Let’s see the main details. This version of the Lexus UX Hybrid will … Read more

Czech Railways has ordered up to 180 cars from the Siemens-Škoda consortium for 12.5 billion, and can handle speeds of up to 230 km / h

The Railway Administration will take two cars from a large order for track testing. The Siemens Mobility – Škoda Transportation Association won the competition for a framework contract for the supply of 180 new express cars for Czech Railways. The carrier announced this today together with the winning association. The cars will be used mainly … Read more

Czech Railways has ordered twenty new long-distance trains for 12.5 million crowns – ČT24 – Czech Television

“In the Czech Republic, it is planned to increase the speed on conventional lines to 200 kilometers per hour and to build high-speed lines. This will allow trains to run higher than the maximum permitted speed of 160 km / h in the future. That is why we must continue with the planned investments in … Read more

General practitioner pricks 60 minors with AstraZeneca: ‘ordered semi-illegally’

Many GPs disagree with the advice to stop injecting under 60s with AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine. Doctor Nikkels from Breda, for example, will continue with it. And his patients are fine with that, he says: “They don’t care about the risk, they are very happy, even crying.” According to Nikkels, he is certainly not the only … Read more

The CNB ordered Bank Creditas to replace the Supervisory Board

Banka Creditas it must replace all three members of its supervisory board within less than six months. This follows from the final decisions of the Czech National Bank, which are available on her website. The result of the inspection first pointed out the diary E15. Alena Sikorová (Chairwoman), Kamila Valštýnová and Jitka Plášilová still sit … Read more

After being ordered to squat, a group of Pakistani men cut off their genitals

KUALA LUMPUR, – A man Pakistan of Malaysia reportedly attacked by a group of people, and genitals he was cut. Reported TV messenger, a friend of the victim, Rizwan Ahmad, admitted that he had reported the incident that occurred in Shah Alam. Rizwan revealed that the victim was sitting at the Dream Nature Mosque … Read more

A Manabí judge ordered the mass vaccination of judicial officials

value Description Outraged 36 Sad 0 Indifferent 0 Surprised 0 Happy 2 This April 3, 2021, Jorge Wated, Cabinet secretary of Lenin Moreno, released a resolution issued by a Manabí judge on the vaccination process against the covid-19 a judicial officials from the country. In the ruling, the magistrate orders the Ministry of Public Health … Read more

New incriminating material about El Kaouakibi: she ordered crockery for her own home and wanted an invoice for youth workers

New incriminating material continues to emerge about Flemish Member of Parliament Sihame El Kaouakibi (Open VLD) and her partner Erika Xuan Nguyen. This time it is an e-mail in which they order crockery for their villa in Edegem. However, the billing address is WeLoveBXL, the Brussels leg of El Kaouakibi’s youth organization in Antwerp, Let’s … Read more

The Egyptian president has ordered the unloading of a giant container ship that has blocked the Suez Canal

In his words, the Egyptian president “instructed to prepare for the third scenario without waiting for the failure of the first and second.” The third scenario for the crisis, which is now in its sixth day, includes a plan to unload containers to get the ship off the shoal, the Washington Post said. Mr Rabei … Read more