Iraisel, El Dany’s widow, assures that she no longer lives “like the ordinary world”

Iraisel widow of El Dany in South Korea. (Photo: Iraisel – Instagram) The widow of the Cuban reggaeton artist Daniel Muñoz, Iraisel Pintueles, enjoys her new life in Asia, in the company of her daughter and her athlete boyfriend. Through social networks, she shows how she has overcome the comments against her. Pintueles, as he … Read more

The fourth episode of “Karma Latvieši”: A couple of hundred euros separates an ordinary citizen from a practicing healer

The most important thing we tried to show with this series is what are the red flags when going to a healer becomes dangerous. Even doctors are not against healers until they promise to cure a person of serious ailments. Namely, if a person does everything prescribed by the doctor, there is nothing wrong if … Read more

Scientists have learned to extract cheap electricity from ordinary snow: what is the secret

The new technology is considered more profitable than wind and solar power plants. It can be used by both businesses and private homes. In December 2022, in the Japanese city of Aomori, they will begin testing a new technology that allows them to extract electricity from ordinary snow. This invention became known to the agency … Read more

“Ordinary” Victoria Beckham in a sweatshirt and leggings roams the shops with her 11-year-old daughter Harper (PHOTOS)

In recent months, there have been many sensational reports about life in the media Victoria and David Beckham. After numerous rumors about conflict between Posh Spice and her son’s beloved, Nicola Peltz, the star couple also had to face speculations about a marital crisis. All because of tattoo with the initials of the footballer who … Read more

Is the Czech Republic at risk of a currency crisis? It would also affect ordinary consumers, the economist claims

The Japanese financial group Nomura Holdings has identified the Czech Republic as a country threatened by a currency crisis. According to economist Michal Skořepá, ordinary consumers would also feel such a problem. The Czechia would thus lose its reputation as a developed economy. In addition to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania also appeared on … Read more

The man accompanied his friend to try to ride a Tesla, and the staff in the sales ditches responded: no one was seriously injured in an ordinary accident – ​​yqqlm

The man accompanied his friend to try Tesla and was sold to the staff in the ditches. The staff responded: no one was seriously injured in an ordinary accident Recently, Mr. Dong from Changchun, Jilin, accompanied his friends to the Tesla Center for a test drive, but during the ride experience,However, the vehicle was driven … Read more

Frieda Van Wijck on TV again: “I live the life of an ordinary retired woman”

Frieda Van Wijck with her ‘Everything can be better’ companions (left to right) Guy Mortier, Mark Uytterhoeven and Rob Vanoudenhoven. — ©  VRT For a large-scale quiz on the occasion of ’25 years of Canvas’, Frieda Van Wijck (72) takes her place in front of the cameras one more time, with her former ‘Everything can … Read more

Why does ordinary chocolate turn white and is it safe to eat: scientists gave their answer

Sometimes a white coating or white spots appear on dark or milk chocolate. It scares some people, but it’s really not all that scary. It happens that the chocolate that you recently purchased turned out to be covered with a white coating or white spots. For many people, this will be an unpleasant surprise. Therefore, … Read more

People are solving the mystery of the plane circling over the Czech Republic. It was not an ordinary travel line

Over the weekend, several people contacted the editorial office to point out a strange, approximately three-hour flight, which was recorded by radars over the Czech Republic. The Boeing 737 was moving on the route between Prague and Brno. He made several circles over the Highlands. Aviation fans point out that this was no ordinary … Read more

From tetanus to herpes, the queues for ordinary vaccines are getting longer: the times of delays, extraordinary sessions are coming

the case There is some problem with adolescent vaccines, especially with regard to boosters, as confirmed by the coordinator, Stefano Miceli Lisa Zancaner November 12, 2022 at 09:40 1 minute of reading