“A reasonable and realistic decision”, according to the organizers

Canceled last year due to the sanitary situation, the 24-hour cycling in Louvain-la-Neuve has been postponed this time. Usually, the race takes place during the month of October, but the organizers have decided to postpone it to March 2022. The date of March 9 and 10 is being considered. The student sports club (CSE) made … Read more

Organizers of the protest to the Seimas: we need 50 thousand. people to the Seimas, and then everything is already planned

Representatives of the Lithuanian Family Movement state that the main requirement is Governments resignation and announcement of early Seimas elections. The social network calls on the Seimas to gather as much as possible to protest. “White clothes are optional clothes, it is important to have a LOT of us, because only when 50 thousand people … Read more

Biden: The organizers of the blast at Kabul Airport will be captured; it killed 13 US soldiers

Those who carried out the bombings at Kabul airport on Thursday, in which 13 American soldiers were killed, will be captured, said US President Joe Biden. “Those who carried out the attack, as well as anyone else who hurts America, know – we will not forgive, we will not forget, we will catch you and … Read more

“A great evening that turned into a nightmare”: Malak says he was drugged during the “Ostend Beach” festival, the organizers question his version

The eleventh edition of the Ostend Beach ended on Sunday evening on the Klein Strand in Ostend. The dance festival will have attracted 20,000 visitors since it opened on Friday. Festival-goers were able to dance without a mask since the organizers demanded the Covid Safe Ticket at the entrance. The 2021 edition was not easy … Read more

There is no anger in Venice, the city agreed with the organizers of EFOTT

Festivals don’t have to avoid miles. We reported earlier that different the Municipality of Venice and EFOTT, as a result, it seemed that this year would not be the easiest approach to the festival. Due to a roadblock, the organizers calculated that festival-goers would have to make an 8-kilometer detour from the usual route. The … Read more

Frustration and despondency among organizers Pearl Village Festival in Dalen

“I am always very positive, but the chance is becoming smaller and smaller that it can continue. It does not seem likely that the cabinet will announce at the next press conference on August 13 that 10,000 visitors are allowed at one-day festivals.” So says Jory Bosch, who organizes the Pearl Village Festival in Dalen … Read more

Kaunas LGBT march organizers: if the municipality complains about the decision to allow the event, it will be unfortunate

The actions of the municipality were recognized as restricting the freedom of assembly Representatives of sexual minorities have the right to march on Laisvės Alley, which has become a traditional venue for various events and marches, and Kaunas municipalities refusal to allow it is to be treated as a violation of the constitutional right of … Read more

Quarrels with the organizers and total exhaustion. We just have to have a hard time, Krejčíková wonders

When she flew from Prague’s Ruzyně to the venue of the Olympics, Barbora Krejčíková shone with happiness and hurried to enjoy the matches under the five rings. She had no idea how much strength and especially nerves the medal won under the Tokyo sun would cost her. Tokyo (From our newsletter) – Just a few … Read more

Swiss film award: the federal government separates from organizers

Scandal at the Swiss film award: the federal government separates from organizers It was not until 2020 that a well-known event agency received the multi-million dollar bid to organize the film award ceremony. Now the Federal Office of Culture has already fallen out with her. Sven Altermatt / ch media It’s a prestige order. After … Read more