However, the state could allocate part of the money requested by the organizers to the World Hockey Championship in Riga / Article

IN SHORT: The organizers are actively preparing for the championship. Initially, the Latvian Hockey Federation indicated that money from the state was not needed. In July, the federation asked for 2 million euros, but later the amount decreased. It has been announced several times that the federation has been asking the state for 750,000 euros … Read more

Disaster of the organizers of the World Cup in Planica. Sad pictures. Stoch spoke

The stands during the Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica are empty for the time being. Apart from the players, there are practically no fans in the hotels. The media inform about the catastrophe of the event and the organizers who are trying to come up with something to save the already bad situation at … Read more

The sudden nomination of an unknown actress confuses the organizers of the Academy Awards

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the Oscars, said on Friday it would review nominations for this year’s awards, a day after a media report raised questions about the surprise nomination of British actress Andrea Riseborough. On Tuesday, Riseborough was nominated for best actress for her role as an alcoholic single … Read more

Index – Inland – One of the well-known organizers of the Sziget festival has died

The news of his death was announced on social media in several posts, among other things, festival organizer colleagues also posted about it. Laci Lakos was not only present at the start of the biggest domestic festivals, but as a technical manager, his name was associated with their construction and operation for decades. God bless … Read more

After the rabbit shows that caused outrage, an open letter to the organizers about the harm caused to the animals

This is not the first wave of letters, similar ones were received by GGI and other organizations, as well as the State Food and Veterinary Service, and after the exhibition held in December 2022. In the opinion of animal behavior specialist Ugnė Nedzinskaitė, in the photos from the posture of the animals, you can see … Read more

Australian Open | Disrespectful, disrespectful. Australian Open organizers under fire for behavior towards Wimbledon champion

The organizers of Wimbledon last season decided to ban the participation of Russian and Belarusian players in the tournament. For that, the WTA and ATP organizations gave them a punishment, which consisted of not awarding points to the ranking, so Rybakinová did not see any significant progress in it. However, if she received 2,000 points, … Read more

Le Mans 24 Hours Virtual: Verstappen rages “I will not participate again” Fighting for the lead but DNF due to line disconnection … Organizers continue to be severely criticized | Formula1-Data / F1 information and breaking news commentary

After retiring from the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2023, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) erupted in anger, calling the organizers of the troubled event “incompetent” and saying, “I will never participate again.” . The reigning F1 World Champion will drive the championship-leading car #1, Team Redline, at the virtual 24 Hours of Le … Read more

The innkeeper hesitated on the last item, the organizers and competitors experienced a shock

The race was affected by power outages in the area, after which the timing graphics and television broadcast did not work for several minutes. Despite two penalty minutes, overall leader Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Bö won to claim his 60th anniversary triumph in the series. Second was Sjaestad Christiansen with one mistake on the Vetle shooting … Read more

Benediktas Vanagas: how skillfully the Dakar organizers “tricked” even experienced Dakar wolves

The racer gave his assessment on a rest day in Dakar, which divides the rally in half. It’s true, as B.Vanagas observes, calling this day a rest is a mistake, because only racers and navigators rest. In turn, the technicians and engineers have 24 hours to prepare the racing equipment for the second half of … Read more