Paper Mario: The Origami King seems to include a reference to Super Mario Bros. Super Show – Nintenderos

Paper Mario games are often loaded with references to the franchise. Well, it seems that the last installment, Paper Mario: The Origami King, is no exception. Although in the image that you have below the Blooper seems to say a random phrase, it seems that in reality that same line of dialogue comes from the … Read more

The Origami King (Nintendo Switch) – Le test –

Announced like a hair in the soup in full containment period, Paper Mario The Origami King is released on Nintendo Switch in the heart of July. A new adventure entirely in paper by Intelligent System once again signing the return of the series, 4 years after the Wii U opus. After spending time brainstorming to … Read more

PAPER MARIO: THE ORIGAMI KING, now available on Switch [Actus Jeux Vidéo]

Offering revival in its gameplay, Paper Mario : The Origami King arrives on time Switch to go on vacation with you. Paper Mario : The Origami King will he see the fans tear each other apart? Abandoning the Action RPG style that made the success of the saga, this sixth episode turns into a simple … Read more

Critique – Paper Mario : The Origami King

A brand new Paper Mario has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch. Although the series started on Nintendo 64 with role-playing mechanics, it has since become a playground for Nintendo to experiment with mechanics by mixing genres, always with a humorous coating. What about this new opus called The Origami King? Mario and Luigi are on … Read more

Paper Mario: The Origami King, notes from the French press

Paper Mario: The Origami King has been peeled by the press around the world. After our English-speaking friends, we dwell on the impressions of French journalists. As you can see, the notes are nice. In order not to change, what should we remember according to our colleagues? For, “Paper Mario: The Origami King may … Read more

Review: In Paper Mario The Origami King, jokes are the fun of playing NOW

In Paper Mario: The Origami King unfolds an entertaining adventure in a paper world. But although the game looks beautiful and often puts a smile on your face, the whole feels a bit stretched and repetitive. Everything in Paper Mario is made of paper. Characters are flat and move through a 3D world that is … Read more