NASA’s Orion Capsule Returns to Earth, How Does It Get Through Earth’s Atmosphere? | space

Illustration of the Orion Capsule jumping through the atmosphere. Image: NASA SPACE — NASA’s Artemis 1 mission began with the launch of the Orion capsule with a booster rocket into space on November 16, 2022. After nearly a month of flying around the moon, the capsule will undergo a complicated return journey. The journey back … Read more

Orion capsule launched, enters lunar orbit

This Friday, NASA launched the test flight of the orion capsulewhich entered an orbit extending tens of thousands of kilometers (miles) around the Moon. The Orion capsule was 380 thousand kilometers (238 thousand miles) from Earth, which is expected to reach a maximum distance of almost 432 thousand kilometers in a matter of days. Talk … Read more

NASA’s Orion Capsule Prepares to Orbit the Moon

The Orion capsule carries 3 simulated crew. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, WASHINGTON — The United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has reached a milestone in history artemis mission 1. NASA sends sending capsules Orion around the Moon. In this mission, NASA tested the strength of the capsule when it circled the moon. On Monday (21/11/2022), Orion approached … Read more