Does Outer Space Have a Boundary? This is a scientist’s explanation

Jakarta – Have you ever imagined how big outer space and does it have a limit? In fact, we also do not know what the true shape of outer space. Whether the shape is round like a donut, a flat plain that stretches like an endless sheet of paper or a giant ball. Citing the … Read more

What is the difference between lunar and solar eclipses? This is the explanation

Jakarta – Eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that sees the sun, earth, and moon. Earth and moon are celestial bodies that do not have their own light, unlike the sun. If the moon and the earth are exposed to sunlight then the back of the moon or the earth will form a shadow. An eclipse … Read more

This is the shape and innards of the Chinese Space Station, Can Operate for 15 Years

BEIJING – The successful launch of the Shenzhou-14 manned mission on June 5, made China are on the fast track to complete construction Tiangong space station . This Space Station will become a national space laboratory belonging to this Bamboo Curtain country. This form of the space station is an extension of the basic Tianhe … Read more

China Has Captured the Brightest Star Explosion in the Universe

LONDON – Fast Radio Burst ( FRB) is the brightest stellar explosion in the universe and releases nearly the same amount of energy that the sun emits throughout the year in just one millisecond (thousandth of a second). Recently, the Chinese radio telescope, FAST, detected the first continuously active FRB and the results were published … Read more

Whoops! James Webb’s telescope crashes after being hit by a dust-sized meteor in outer space

INDOZONE.ID – Telescope outer space made NASA namely James Webb is reported to have been hit by a meteor in outer space. However meteor what hit him is not what you think. Because the meteor has a type of micrometeorid whose size is only like dust. It said the incident occurred at the end of … Read more

There is a Sandworm-like Sighting on Mars, what is it?

Jakarta – NASA keep discovering new things in exploration Mars. Their latest find is a charred sandworm-like appearance emerging from an ancient crater. This is known from the latest photos shared by NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity. The Mars rover has captured the twisted structure in Gale Crater thought to have been formed 3.7 billion years … Read more

NASA Prepares to Explore Mysterious Dome on the Moon

Jakarta – NASA added new objectives for Artemis missions to Moon. They will explore the mysterious and enigmatic mound known as the Gruithuisen Dome. The Gruithuisen Dome are two mounds named Mons Gruithuisen Gamma and Mons Gruithuisen Delta, which are north of the Gruithuisen crater on the Moon. Current observations of these mounds show they … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope Releases Its First Color Photo Soon, Save The Time – After half a year of being in outer spacenow the United States Space Agency (NASA) announced that it will soon release photos taken by the telescope Outer Space James Webb. This telescope is the successor to Hubble, which is currently still serving in space. James Webb is called the most expensive telescope that … Read more

Colors of the homeland | A new danger .. Earth could be expelled from the solar system because of a stray star

‚Äč The Earth has been orbiting steadily in the solar system for billions of years, but some scientists believe that all of this could change. The gravity of the Sun currently keeps the Earth in its stable orbit, but the presence of another large star may change that, according to new scientific research. Scientists say … Read more

China’s Ambition to Find a Twin Planet Earth to Live in

Jakarta – China propose search planet the closest possible alien from Earth livable. As part of this effort, they launched a spacecraft to take ultra-precise measurements of how orbiting planets make stars move. For the mission, called the Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey (CHES), scientists will use a method called micro-arcsecond relative astrometry. This technique involves … Read more