Scientists Suggest Astronauts Consume Magic Mushrooms While in Space

The research team, led by Richard E. Hartman from Loma Linda University, recommends the psychedelic materials contained in several species magic mushroom to cause the effect of psychedelic materials, one of the psychotropic substances that can change perceptions, moods, and cognitive processes.

NASA Finds Wildcat Ridge Rock, Evidence of Life on Mars?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Perseverance’s ride NASA reported finding samples of organic rock from the delta of an ancient river in Mars. The samples have now been saved for the next mission. “The rock we are investigating in this delta region has concentrations of organic material that we have never seen before on this mission,” … Read more

Mysterious Diamond That Falls in Africa Turns From An Ancient Planet

Jakarta – Scientists discover how diamond rare ones created in outer space. Found in four meteorites in northwestern Africa, the hexagonal-shaped diamond does not appear to have formed naturally on Earth. They came from an ancient planet. Billions of years ago, there was a dwarf planet in the inner Solar System that had carbon in … Read more

Not Many Know! Turns out, a tweak in Jupiter’s orbit could help life on Earth

The appearance of a black spot on the planet Jupiter / NASA JAKARTA, Jupiter isn’t just one big lump of gas in the Solar System. It’s much more than that. Jupiter absorbs a lot of space rock that moves towards the inner Solar System, Earth’s environment. This means that Jupiter may have saved us … Read more

Hubble spots stars that provide a ‘window’ into the early universe

NASA revealed that the Hubble Space Telescope has detected stars and gases billowing towards the core of a strangely shaped huge stellar nursery in the nearby Small Magellanic Cloud. Astronomers believe that the outer arm of this spiral of stars and gas could provide a river-like flow of gas that fuels star formation in the … Read more

Cool! Scientists Create First 3D Binary Star System Orbiting Planet

Dead Star Rips Planet in ‘Cosmic Cannibalism’ / Wion News JAKARTA, Search exoplanet we continue. With the help of the latest technology, we have built a powerful telescope that can not only scan the sky for what is visible, but also which can show the development of light that is invisible to the human … Read more

China Discovers Energy Materials from Moon Rock and Soil

loading… China discovers new energy on the Moon. PHOTO/ IST BEIJING – China claims to have discovered a new mineral on the lunar surface, namely phosphate minerals in columnar crystals called Changesite-(Y). New mineral discoveries were identified in rock and soil samples brought back from the lunar surface in 2020. ALSO READ – Fight for … Read more

Dubai Wants to Make a Replica of the Moon, Seriously!

Jakarta – Moon Dubai, a resort worth USD 5 billion or equivalent to Rp. 74 trillion is coming soon. This Moon replica was proposed by Canadian architectural firm and intellectual property licensor Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR). Quoted from Architectural DigestMonday (12/9/2022) resort shaped Moon it is designed to be built in 48 months. The … Read more

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Even in space… “a thief”!

In astronomy, a basic rule of thumb is that if a star is three times the mass of the Sun, it probably has no Jupiter-sized planets. This theory seems very logical and intuitive, given that massive stars emit huge amounts of radiation, and thus create a highly toxic environment for the emerging worlds, reaching the … Read more