Roscosmos postponed the launch of the Proton-M rocket :: Society :: RBK

Booster rocket “Proton-M” with the upper stage “Briz-M” (Фото: Roscosmos / Facebook) The State Commission postponed the launch of the Proton-M rocket together with the Express satellites and the Briz-M upper stage from Baikonur to another day, reports press service of the state corporation “Roscosmos”. The start has been postponed to the reserve date – … Read more

Raja Koduri showed a family of discrete GPU Intel Xe / news /

In the laboratories Intel continues work on graphics processors with the architecture of the Xe. Coduri Raja (Raja Koduri) today shared photos of a new family of GPUs tested on the Intel enterprise in the Californian city of Folsom. The picture shows three GPUs, two of which are impressive for its size. On the left … Read more

Western Digital parts series Red hard disks depending on recording technology

Not so long ago Western Digital was caught in a scandal, when without notifying customers has translated some models of hard disks Red technology shingled magnetic recording SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording). In General, it is inferior to the classical method perpendicular recording CMR (indicate instead Conventional Magnetic Recording) on the speed of random operations, but, … Read more

Intel Core i7-1165G7 was 20% faster Ryzen 7 4800U in the test 3DMark graphics Time Spy

As shown by the fresh leakage, Intel has really managed to create a powerful integrated video core, advanced not a weak schedule Vega in the hybrid chips Ryzen. We are talking about new tests of Intel Core i7-1165G7 related to the upcoming family of Tiger Lake-U. This chip combines four x86-cores Willow Cove microarchitecture and … Read more

Introduced low profile Manli GeForce GTX 1650 memory GDDR6 / news /

Hong Kong firm Manli Technology Group announced the release of the GeForce GTX 1650 Low Profile. The video card, as the name suggests, made in the format low-profile expansion card, but this takes the space of two slots. Another feature of novelty was the use of chips GDDR6. In the Arsenal of the Manli GeForce … Read more

Aqua Computer introduced the waterblock Cuplex Kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC for HEDT platform AMD / news /

German company Aqua Computer is ready to offer the owners HEDT processors AMD Ryzen Threadripper waterblock Cuplex Kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC. The product boasts a base size 51 x 45 mm and, as the vendor will handle the heat from even 64-core Ryzen Threadripper 3990X. The contact plate Cuplex Kryos sTRX4 NEXT FC is made … Read more

AMD Ryzen 3000XT will be released the seventh of July / news /

In the coming weeks the range of 7-nm processors AMD 3000 Ryzen added three solutions of a series of Matisse Refresh. On the background of the actual CPU of the new items will stand out a little raised operating frequencies that will allow them to effectively compete with the Intel Core 10th generation. The official … Read more

Intel Core i7-10700K with a guaranteed overclocked to 5.1 GHz is $560

Online store Silicon Lottery began sales of selected Intel Core processors of the 10th generation (Comet Lake-S). Today, the range of the CPU presents 8-core Core i7-10700K, whereas the Core i9 chips-10900K with high frequency potential will be available for purchase on June 21. The time of appearance of selected Core i5-10600K and solutions KF-series … Read more

Corsair recalls of power supply units, SF in the form factor SFX / news /

About four years ago, the company Corsair presented a line of power supply units, SF in the form factor SFX. It includes two models with a capacity of 450 W and 600 W with a certificate 80 Plus Gold and modular connection system cables. It is expected that these power supplies are very popular among … Read more

Intel Core i7-1165G7 vs AMD Ryzen 7 4800U in 3DMark 11 / news /

If in the desktop segment Intel is not planning any major releases before the end of the year, the range of mobile solutions will soon be expanded to 10-nm chips Core 11th generation (Tiger Lake). One of the representatives of the new family was discovered in the base of 3DMark 11. As the benchmark shows, … Read more