Causes of Tonsillitis and How to Overcome it

Inflammation of the tonsils can cause pain and discomfort in the throat. This condition is generally experienced by children aged 3–7 years. Even so, inflammation of the tonsils can also occur in adults, especially the elderly. So, what are the symptoms and how to treat tonsillitis? Let’s see the full explanation below. 1. Definition of … Read more

The world-conquering diet is interesting not only for Hollywood celebrities – it is being discovered by more and more people who want to overcome troublesome health problems

aA There are many diets or nutrition plans in the world and, frankly, it is not easy to choose the right and effective one for you. One diet carefully studied by scientists at the end of the last century became extremely popular 15 years ago and has not lost its relevance to this day. This … Read more

Muscle Cramps, Affecting Factors and Tips to Overcome Them

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Charley horse another term cramp condition muscles. Conditions when the muscles suddenly tense up by themselves and can’t relax. Muscle cramps are most commonly experienced in the legs and feet. Collect WebMDeven though it hurts a lot, hug muscle is not a dangerous condition. This condition usually lasts for a few seconds … Read more

Again, Village Funds are Proposed to Overcome Rabies in Flores-Lembata

DOCUMENT DRH MARGARETHA SIKO Veterinarian (drh) Maria Margaretha Siko is injecting dogs belonging to residents in Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara, 25 September 2020, coinciding with World Rabies Day. In 2023, the number of rabies vaccines available is only 15,000 doses from state budget funds, so it is proposed that the Village Fund can be used … Read more

4 Causes of the Brebet Injection Motor and How to Overcome Them

CNN Indonesia — Brebet engine is one of the problems that often occurs in injection motors. Brebet is a condition when vehicle engine can not work in optimal conditions. Brebet is characterized by slow engine rotation, easy engine shutdown, and stuttering. Of course, there are causes injection engine bruises and how to overcome them. This … Read more

5 Choices of Nipple Ointment to Overcome Wounds & Blisters while Breastfeeding

Hai Bunda | Haibunda Monday, 23 Jan 2023 10:17 WIB After pregnancy and childbirth, Mother’s struggle will be even more difficult. Mother and Little One will face the period of breastfeeding. Your little one experiences many adaptations, so does Mother. Starting from reduced sleep hours, to experiencing cuts and abrasions on the nipples. There are … Read more

GUIDE: How to overcome stress

Touch the body Effect: 33 percent feel less stressed. Why? Physical activity is good for your body in many ways and experiments have shown that it also lowers the stress level in the body. Exercise in the form of, for example, a run, a game of tennis or a trip to the swimming pool causes … Read more