Lessons from Covid: Contracts are highly overvalued | Legal

There are unavoidable but predictable events. When things do not go as expected and problems arise, in general it is better to have provided mechanisms that can resolve the situation, or at least limit the risks. Regulating this type of situation and foreseeing who has to bear what at their expense is the main function … Read more

Is bitcoin more like the euro or a tulip? | Opinion

In August, bitcoin has surpassed the price of 10,000 euros, in March it was below 5,000, how are those values ​​justified? Precisely in the Economic Studies Bulletin corresponding to this past August an interesting article is published by my good friend and prestigious professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Prosper Lamothe, along with his … Read more

Research: Dutch people overestimate actual share of renewable energy

The Dutch think that we use more sustainable energy than is actually the case. The Dutch Renewable Energy Association (NVDE) reports this on the basis of research that Motivaction did among more than a thousand Dutch people. For example, it is estimated that 17 percent of the energy comes from the sun, but in reality … Read more