The resignation of the presidency in 2005 overshadows Carlos Mesa in the Bolivian election | Video

The Bolivian presidential candidate for the Citizen Community, Carlos Mesa, has in his history a fact that has marked his political career: in 2005 he resigned from the presidency after 20 months in power, amid a wave of protests. What is the chance that this will happen again if you win the October 18 election?

Trump overshadows ‘Joe show’ in Bidens backyard | Abroad

Supporters of the president are waiting along the road that the presidential column will pass. One of his fans turned Trump into a Rambo. Ⓒ Photos Telegraaf SCRANTON – It was the most important speech in Joe Biden’s long political career, there on the last night of the Democratic convention. And just on the day […]

The 5 most rich Indonesian YouTubers in August 2020, Raffi Ahmad overshadows Baim Wong’s position!

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Social media is now becoming a common field for profit. One of the social media platforms that has been targeted is Youtube. Many content creators in the country have soared names by biting millions of subscribers. Not only a flood of subscribers, Youtube “artists” also receive a fortune because they get extra […]