What prices have the best-selling over-the-counter drugs in five pharmacy chains. “Cold, seasonal, seasonal products register higher price variations”

Over-the-counter (OTC) price differences cause customers to wait even tens of minutes in queues at pharmacies to buy cheaper products. Total sales in this segment exceed 2.4 billion lei annually. The prices of OTCs sold in the networks with the highest sales show that a product purchased from one pharmacy can be 150% more expensive … Read more

UK: For the first time over-the-counter contraceptive pills

The change affects two types of pills that contain only progesterone, the so-called “mini-pills”. The British drug regulator MHRA concluded that Hana and Lovima tablets can be safely used by most women. However, women will still need to check with their pharmacists about possible side effects before buying pills. The tablets cost just ¬£ 7.50 … Read more

Honey May Be Better Than Over-the-Counter Medicines For Coughs And Colds, New Study Says

A systematic review of 14 studies involving 1,761 people believes that this product could be useful in treating upper respiratory problems and thus avoiding the excessive use of antibiotics. A new study by the University of Oxford and Nuffield’s Department of Primary Care Health Sciences claims that honey may be more effective in eliminating cold … Read more

Over-the-counter medicine Analysis of market trends 2020, key player market with COVID-19 Impact, growth and research analysis [Informe PDF]

If you want to know more about Over the counter medicine Market research, then definitely You are in the right place. Here, we (MarketResearch.Biz) are giving a particular exam on “Global Over-the-Counter Medicine Market (Revenue and Volume), Trends, Application, End User and Regional Analysis, Import and Export Analysis, Industry Analysis, Insights Premium , Intellectual Property … Read more