Lessons from Covid: Contracts are highly overvalued | Legal

There are unavoidable but predictable events. When things do not go as expected and problems arise, in general it is better to have provided mechanisms that can resolve the situation, or at least limit the risks. Regulating this type of situation and foreseeing who has to bear what at their expense is the main function … Read more

Bitcoin is slightly overvalued as a commodity: JP Morgan

JPMorgan Chase specialists analyzed the current price of Bitcoin (BTC) compared to other commodities, noted that the asset could see a selling pressure in the future, they also indicate that referring to BTC as a commodity appears to show a more mature outlook towards it. active. According to an October 14 article by the Indian … Read more

JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Is Slightly Overvalued As A Commodity

Several experts from JPMorgan Chase analyzed the current price of Bitcoin compared to other commodities, and they noted that the asset could see selling pressure in the future. “JPMorgan strategists said they calculated intrinsic value by effectively treating Bitcoin as a commodity and considering the marginal cost of production,” according to a Article from October … Read more

Olcay Gulsen: ‘Marriage is an overvalued institution’ | Entertainment

Olcay has started to think differently about marriage. “I found out that I am not the type of person who would like to get married. I used to have that, and I wanted it big, bigger, biggest. Now I think it’s a kind of overvalued institute, ”she says Grazia. Ruud and Olcay have been living … Read more