Pablo Montero, Nicolás Maduro and Venezuela: the curse for singing to the president | mx usa | Alicia Machado | Telemundo | The House of the famous | SHOWS

Pablo Montero suffers the consequences for going to Venezuela and singing to Nicolas Maduro in the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas. A kind of almost immediate curse. Not only in the media and on social networks there were reactions of indignation and condemnation, but people and companies that had hired him are canceling the agreements already … Read more

Criticism of Pablo Montero is rained down and his contracts are canceled for attending Nicolás Maduro’s birthday | USA USA CELEBS NNDC | SHOWS

Updated 11/25/2021 08:36 pm Pablo Montero He continues in the eye of the storm after he decided to liven up Nicolás Maduro’s birthday party. The Mexican artist serenaded the questioned Venezuelan president, which has caused questions against him from the public and the businessmen who bet on him. This fact not only cost him to … Read more

Photos: Pablo Montero found love in a young woman 25 years his junior

They filter photos of Pablo Montero as a ‘sugar daddy’ of a 21-year-old girl. Foto: Vince Bucci / Getty Images Before entering The House of the Famous Pablo Montero He was surrounded by strong controversies with the mother of his daughters, it was even said that the objective of his participation was to clean up … Read more