Óscar Del Portal takes Argentine journalist ‘little bit’: “And now? You left your face, Varsky” | Oscar Del Portal | Juan Pablo Varsky | Varsky | Sporting Cristal | Libertadores Cup | Hurricane | News | SHOWS

Óscar Del Portal responded to the Argentine journalist Juan Pablo Varsky, who a few days ago had stated that Huracán would go to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, instead of Sporting Cristal. The Peruvian affirmed that you have to tell him the truth when they are wrong. MIRA: With Paolo Guerrero, Unión vs … Read more

Donations for Pablo Lyle continue after his sentence: this is the amount that has been raised

Pablo Lyle was sentenced on February 3 after being found guilty of manslaughter against Juan Ricardo Hernández. After almost four years of the incident, the actor and his family have faced financial difficulties to cover the expenses of his maintenance and his legal team. Due to the situation, friends close to the actor’s family announced, … Read more

Pablo Escobar: the secrets of his intimate life told by his personal photographer

Édgar Jiménez Mendoza, El Chino, closely followed the life of the capo and was also his friend. Photos: Archive EL TIEMPO Regardless of his heinous crimes, the story of Pablo Escobar continues to arouse the curiosity of locals and foreigners. Each series, film or book that involves the protagonist of one of the darkest times … Read more

Pablo Montero gets a chip to control alcohol consumption

TELEMUNDO Pablo Montero For a long time it has been mentioned that Pablo Montero has problems controlling his alcohol consumption; in fact, he has been involved in a series of personal and professional conflicts for this cause. In fact, it was made public that when she starred in the series about the life of Vicente … Read more

“Acacia 38” episode 44. German wants to shoot Espinosa, but Leandro stops him. Casilda and Pablo are following Claudio! [STRESZCZENIE ODCINKA]

In the 44th episode of the series “Akacjowa 38” we will see how Leandro stops German from committing a crime at the last moment. Requisition his revolver! Meanwhile, Casilda and Pablo do not trust Claudio and decide to take a look at him. Check out what else will happen in the next episode of the … Read more

This is how Pablo Sandoval undergoes hard physical training to recover his form

The Venezuelan baseball player Pablo Sandoval, better known as the “Kung Fu Panda”, is trying to improve his physical condition to have a better performance on the playing fields and this is demonstrated by a video where he is seen doing hard training. Sandoval stopped playing in the Major Leagues in the 2021 season when … Read more

They reveal some of the rules that Pablo Lyle must follow in prison

After Pablo Lyle was sentenced to 5 years in prison plus 8 years of probation for the crime of involuntary manslaughterthe actor was detained in the South Florida Reception Center, where it will remain until the appeal of its defense is resolved. Meanwhile, it must follow a series of rules and regulations, which were announced … Read more

Melgar | Pablo Lavallén was sanctioned with six dates in the 1st League for assaulting the assistant judge | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

According to Michael Espinoza’s arbitration report, the Argentine strategist physically assaulted the assistant judge, a fact that DT has denied. However, there are no images that reinforce or deny the action. The last weekend, melgar they suffered their second consecutive defeat, so far in League 1 (beyond the game they lost by walk-over). But it … Read more