THE BALL – LeBron packs for a historic record, Nehemiah ‘on fire’ in the G-League (NBA)

After five games of injury stoppages, LeBron James seems determined to silence the critics. He ended the first meeting with the Spurs with 21 points, adding 39 in a new duel with the San Antonio team, in the last dawn. LeBron James now seems ready to beat the most desired record: the NBA’s all-time leading … Read more

Ville Valo – the voice that is due to a combination of asthma and four packs of cigarettes a day

“Baby, join me in death…” Many rock fans (and especially female fans) have been singing their hearts out to HIM and especially Ville Valo’s vocals. Valo never hid that his timbre was due to active smoking, but he also did not spare the full truth – his harmful habit almost killed him. Already in his … Read more

rewarded with 6 packs of candy

“I thought it was a little too little,” admitted the man who expected a more generous reward. According to the company, though, no one could have cashed it so they sent the standard thank-you packet. Think of find by chance at the station a millionaire check and to contact the legitimate recipient but to receive … Read more

Saint Omer also packs the Seville Festival

14/11/2022 – At the 19th edition of the great event dedicated to European cinema, this intense legal drama by French director Alice Diop won the Giraldillo d’or for best film and the prize for screenplay This article is available in English. Saint-Omer [+lire aussi : critiquebande-annonceinterview : Alice Diopfiche film]the debut fiction piece from French-Senegalese documentary filmmaker Alice … Read more

Questionable feature. Microsoft packs even more advertising into Windows.

Windows 11 users do not always just get the pure operating system. Getty Images Windows 11 users now see even more advertising from Microsoft: If they want to log out, packaged advertising appears as a recommendation. Windows 11 users will have to be prepared for even more advertising in the operating system. Because Microsoft is … Read more

Can’t focus!” Bebe Thanchanok “Release the look, show off, show six packs

Can’t focus! Beautiful actress “Bebe Thanchanok “Release the look, show off, show six packs Netizens flock to the number of likes. is another beautiful girl who cares about health care at the top of the entertainment industry For the beautiful actress “Bebe Thanchanok “who probably will upload a clip to teach fans how to exercise … Read more

Dáda Patrasová packs her bags and flies to Italy to meet her lover Vito

It looks like the marriage of Dagmar Patras and Felix Slováček is really busy again. While the musician sweeps up almost every social event where he is surrounded by beautiful women in recent weeks, Dada is going to visit his Italian friend Vito instead, as the editors of Prima Zenya found out. Is another partnership … Read more