Redmi Pad in the test: good multimedia workhorse with stuttering tendencies – Android

Not so long ago, Android tablets were considered more or less dead and a product category that only a few manufacturers served, but the trend has now reversed. Driven on the one hand by Apple’s focus on the segment and on the other hand by Google’s efforts to optimize Android for larger screens, almost every … Read more

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti i 3070 from Pad

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Although graphics cards from the new RTX 40×0 family have already debuted on the market, the previous generation models, such as the RTX 3060 Ti or RTX 3070, remain a tasty morsel. They have enough power to enable ray tracing or use DLSS technology. In this article, we will show comparisons with Cyberpunk or … Read more

Get ready, the Oppo Pad Air tablet launches December 12 in Indonesia Page all – After much anticipation, Oppo Indonesia has finally confirmed the launch date tablet first, Oppo Pad Air. Oppo Pad Air will be released in Indonesia on December 12. The schedule for the presence of the Oppo Pad Air was announced via one of the Instagram Stories posts on the official Instagram account @oppoindonesia. Instagram/ … Read more

Accompany you through every lazy moment, OPPO Pad Air portable experience-Pad Brand News

The year is coming to an end. Recently, there should be many people whose work is the same as mine. It is entering the year-end settlement period, and many projects are entering the final stage. In addition, new projects for next year will be planned, and the busyness will break the chart. Fortunately, Recently, there … Read more

It’s not true! “Pad Thai” on the cover of Taylor Swift’s song.

Confirmed! The picture “Pad Thai” on the cover of world-class artist Taylor Swift’s “Lover” is just an automated system created by YouTube. After the news on November 19 that there was a picture of “Pad Thai” on the cover of world-class artist Taylor Swift’s “Lover” song, published on her YouTube channel, causing netizens to hilarious. … Read more

Oh hey…about Taylor Swift and Pad Thai turn out to be a flip case!

Oh hey…about Taylor Swift and Pad Thai turn into a twisted lawsuit!After a few days ago, there was a news issue about a famous American beautiful artist like Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) has taken pictures of Pad Thai, famous Thai food as the cover of the song Lover. Became an unfaithful criticism of Thai netizens … Read more

Redmi Pad review in romana

Look at the Xiaomi Redmi Pad review in Romanian and impressions. Today we have something special for people who love tablets 🙂 For some time we have had the new mid-range Redmi Pad tablet from Xiaomi in the testing ‘lab’. Today we present to you extensively and in detail all the thoughts that we were … Read more

Pad Thai: Thanks to YouTube AI, Thai people (part of us) believe that Taylor Swift “falls in love” with Thai food.

24 November 2022, 07:20 +07 image source, Reuters/AUDE GUERRUCCI caption, Taylor Swift Facebook issued a warning on Nov. 23 saying “Some of the information is false” in its Page posts. Bangkokfuture, who claimed that “the new single of the world-famous American artist… Taylor Swift… used the cover image as Pad Thai or “Pad Thai”. postof … Read more

NASA Downplays Launch Pad Damage Caused by SLS Rocket

Scorching and other minor damage at Launch Pad 39B.Screenshot: NASA TV A scorched platform, fried cameras, broken pipes, and a busted elevator are among the casualties of last week’s launch of NASA’s SLS rocket. Mobile Launcher 1 and Launch Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center will require repairs, but NASA says they’ll be ready for … Read more