Tension in Ferrari, Leclerc and Binotto argue in the paddock at Monza: Charles is not there

During the weekend of the F1 Italian GP in the Monza paddock a quarrel was staged between the Ferrari team principal and his driver Charles Leclerc. The quarrel would be the cause of the illness accused by the Monegasque before the Sprint Race. The reason for the fight would have to do with team mate … Read more

Many racers can’t stay away from Paddock when they retire, this is Dani Pedrosa’s explanation: Okezone Sports

ANDORRA – Dani Pedrosa commented on the trend of drivers who can’t stay away from the paddock when deciding to retire from MotoGP. Pedrosa explained that this phenomenon is very natural, considering that it is difficult for retired racers to stay away from the paddock. Lately, MotoGP is quite colored with riders who decide to … Read more

EURO 2021 also arrived at the paddock. They made fun of Vettel, Mazepin told who he was a fan of – F1sport.cz

Germany dropped out of the European Championships after a fight with England, which Sebastian Vettel was happy to remind his team of. “Of course I didn’t enjoy the football match very much,” said Sebastian Vettel, who hopes that England will go as far as possible in the championship. “Still, I feel like it was a … Read more

News from the paddock: Confident for Haas’ future, Gunther Steiner clashe Grosjean

While on the track we drove between the drops in the morning with a clear domination of the Mercedes, then in the wet in the afternoon, we were quite agitated in the paddock, where everyone comments in their own way on the rumors of the moment. “They are aptly named”, had fun Sebastian Vettel, who … Read more