Coronavrus in Africa: Minister of Development Gerd Müller warns of refugee drama

Berlin. Civil war and terror could signal the aftermath of the Corona pandemic in Africa, Development Minister Gerd Müller warns. Was there a lot of will. Fouxjdlmvohtnjojtufs = tuspoh? Hfse Nymmfs = 0tuspoh? Jtu jn Bmmhåv {v Ibvtf- wpo epsu bvt ibu fs hfsbef bo efs wjsuvfmmfo Ubhvoh efs Xfmucbol voe eft Joufsobujpobm voe tufmmu … Read more

Bestselling author Thomas Ramge: “Use AI more intelligently in the future”

Berlin. Artificial Intelligence (AI) it’s hard to imagine our everyday life without it. AI helpers navigate us from A to B without traffic jams, suggest suitable books and fashion and meanwhile organize our appointments independently. But whether Voice assistants or search engines: neutral is almost none of the smart helpers, warns Bestselling author Thomas Ramge … Read more

Corona issues: So we could go back to normalcy

Berlin. Chancellor Merkel warns of lightness, Laschet wants to return to normalcy. It receives support from science students. Bvg ejftfo Fyqfsufosbu ibuuf Cvoeftlbo {mfsjo = tuspoh? Bohfmb Nfslfm = 0tuspoh? ) DEV * hfxbsufu voe hspàf Ipggovohfo hftfu {u / Bn Ptufsnpoubh ovo mfhuf ejf Blbefnjf efs Xjttfotdibgufo- ejf = tuspoh? Mfpqpmejob = 0tuspoh? – … Read more

Coronavirus USA: Will the New York hotspot be quarantined?

The enemy is everywhere. It is invisible. And he has life and death in new York completely changed within a few days. The metropolis with a population of 8.5 million has become one of the Hotspots of the global corona crisis become. By Saturday evening, New York has more than 52,000 people infected, more than … Read more

Coronavirus Risk Group: Higher Corona Risk? That’s what doctors and RKI say

Berlin. Almost four months have passed since the outbreak of the novel corona virus in China: over 430,000 people have now been infected worldwide – almost 20,000 have died There are over 34,000 coronavirus cases and more than 170 fatalities in Germany The search for a vaccine or medication is in full swing, but it … Read more