Anri Sakaguchi “I want to divorce. I’m not happy at all.” Another dissatisfied explosion in newlywed life … Husband is “sad and painful”: J-CAST News[Full text]

On August 7, 2022, former talent Anri Sakaguchi exploded her dissatisfaction with her husband Shinichi on Instagram stories. From Anri Sakaguchi’s Instagram (anridayo33) From Anri Sakaguchi’s Instagram (anridayo33) From Anri Sakaguchi’s Instagram (anridayo33) From Anri Sakaguchi’s Instagram (anridayo33) “I’ve lent about 400,000 yen (to my husband), but I have no intention of paying…” On June … Read more

A painful accident was recorded in Vilnius: the culprit who hit the woman ran away and hid

The officers of the Second Police Commissariat of the city of Vilnius, in trying to identify the person who committed the criminal act, were helped by the civilian witnesses of this traffic accident – on August 3. police officers identified and soon arrested the suspect who tried to escape from justice. The person admitted that … Read more

Charlotte Caniggia gave details about her painful bond with Claudio Paul

on saturday night, Charlotte Caniggia was invited to PH We can talk, beside Joaquín Levinton, Alberto Cormillot, Lola Cordero and Gustavo Conti. While the media sparked rumors of a crisis with her partner, Roberto Storini Landiafter reflecting on the “toxic relationships” in his social networks, he referred to his cold relationship with Claudio Paul Caniggia. … Read more

This Man Burns His Wedding Invitation, which is only a week away, the reason makes it painful

PEOPLE’S MIND – One person Men sitting frustrated by the fireplace while burning one by one invitation wedding. Is known Men it feels disappointed because wedding who are only counting the days failed to do so. Reportedly the woman’s family canceled unilaterally wedding them. The man named Prayogo burned one by one invitation her wedding. … Read more

Painful, it turns out that this is the sore throat caused by Omicron BA.5

Jakarta – The emergence of the Omicron BA.5 subvariant made cases in a number of countries soar again. This subvariant can still infect people who already have immunity, either from a previous infection or COVID-19 vaccination. Not only that, the mutation in this BA.5 subvariance makes the symptoms that appear change. Instead of fever, it … Read more

The soles of the feet are hot and painful as if pricked by a needle, what are the signs of pain doc?

Jakarta – Question: Doc, I have a question… My wife, 56 years old, experienced pain like being stabbed with needles and a burning sensation in her feet. This has been going on for about 2 years, and I also went to the doctor but it still hasn’t healed. What’s the solution Doc? ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO … Read more

A famous Egyptian artist.. She married a 1700-year-old genie, lived with ghosts, and surprised the doctors with her pregnancy, and thus her end was painful.!!

She is one of the most famous actresses, who has been distinguished by her striking roles and looks, and despite achieving great successes in the film and television works in which she participated, she was not alone in the absolute championship. Throughout her career, she was content to appear as a supporting actress for the … Read more

It’s painful for Mrs. F, the victim of bullying is forced to fuck a cat

Stop Bullying Action. ©2018 Fithriansyah – The tragic fate of a child with the initials F (11), in Tasikmalaya, West Java. The elementary school student died after being forced to fuck a cat while being filmed then bullied his friends. The death of the victim is a big blow to the family. Especially … Read more