Carapaz’s bike without paint (as in F1), the 3200 euro body, the carbon shoes-

from Marco Bonarrigo At the Giro d’Italia extreme choices for the motto «the lighter you are, the faster you go uphill». By regulation, bikes cannot weigh less than 6.8 kg. The latest proposal is to allow those under 68 kilos to use a bike equal to 10% of their body weight Leather, bone and carbon … Read more

The war in Ukraine: – Russian ambassador attacked with red paint

The Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreyev, was soaked in red this morning when he was to lay a wreath at a monument to fallen Soviet soldiers in Warsaw. Videos published on social media show that a group of people were waiting for the ambassador at the monument, and that they then, in full public, … Read more

Poland, Russian ambassador smeared with red paint during 9 May celebrations

09 maggio 2022 19:54 The attack on the diplomat then sparked a brawl between his bodyguards and pro-Ukraine protesters Sergey Andreev arrived at the Soviet soldiers’ cemetery in the Polish capital accompanied by some diplomats and his wife. Some people who had gathered early at the cemetery blocked his way, shouting insulting slogans. At this … Read more

Russian ambassador in Warsaw “blooded” – red paint splashed in his face

On May 9, when Russia celebrates Victory Day, although all of Europe celebrates the anniversary of the end of World War II the day before, Warsaw did not pass without incident. In the Polish capital, one of the places where Russian representatives usually visited on this occasion is the cemetery-mausoleum of Soviet soldiers, where the … Read more

Sam Drukker has already made a self-portrait at least 180 times. ‘But I don’t paint myself, I paint the man in the mirror’

The idea for the exhibition The man in the mirror came from museum director Harry Tupan. ,,He approached me about five or six years ago, about exhibiting my self-portraits in the Drents Museum”, Sam Drukker recalls. ,,I was able to hold off that boat for a few years,” he continues with a dismissive gesture. He … Read more

Grünheide: That’s how harmful the paint from the Tesla paint shop is to the environment | Regional

It was human error: 15,000 liters of car paint ran out in the Tesla factory in Brandenburg. Some of the paint sludge escaped and ran onto the street in front of the factory gate. The company fire brigade soaked it up with binding agent. How harmful to the environment is the paint? There is now … Read more

Formula 1 | Williams removed paint from his F1 car in Australia

Williams picked up an idea from Aston Martin F1 in Melbourne, which was to reduce the amount of paint on its single-seater to save weight. Thus the FW44s competed in the Australian Grand Prix with less blue than during the two previous rounds. “Of course, we are always looking to make the car even lighter … Read more

Muratov, the Nobel Peace Prize winner assaulted in a train with red paint

The face, arms and shirt painted in red paint: Dmitry Muratov shows the signs of aggression in some photos. The Russian Nobel Peace Laureate, director of Novaya Gazeta which suspended publications a few days ago, was attacked by an unknown person on board the Moscow-Samara train, who threw red paint on him. Nobel Peace Prize … Read more

Practical suitcase, unusual paint and a hundred in 3.1 seconds. The Audi RS 6 from ABT has over 700 hp

The well-known German driver ABT Sportsline played with the sharp station wagon Audi RS 6 Avant. The result looks very interesting. This is mainly due to the unusual green varnish, reminiscent of an army khaki shade. But Audi should have it from the factory, it is the color Tactical Green. From ABT, the car received … Read more

Lavaltrie: acts of vandalism cause the closure of a school

A school had to close on Monday due to acts of vandalism. The misdeeds were committed Sunday at the JC Chaussé de Lavaltrie school in the Lanaudière region. The individuals threw many plastic arts materials on the ground such as paint and building blocks. Toilet paper also ended up on the classroom floor. The institution … Read more