Her parents had to hide her photos. She only accepted her face when, after years, she looked at her painting

Let us remind the world that everyone is beautiful. It sounds like a cliché, but for 30-year-old Ilka Brühl from Germany, it’s a sentence she has been working hard on all her life. Throughout her childhood, she thought she was not beautiful and was afraid to look at her reflection in the mirror. Ilka due … Read more

Who is Omar Ba, the artist who caused a sensation by “reinventing” painting?

In the serenity of his Senegalese studio inhabited by birdsong, the painter Omar Ba begins a canvas on the floor, applying a deep black background. A bias in the genesis of his committed work, which questions the state of the world and the place of the African continent. This black background “It’s like the night: … Read more

Moved! Turns out 12 hours, Atalia Praratya Shows Zara’s Process for Painting Eril’s Portrait, Netizens Are Touched

Jakarta – Atalia Praratya shows the process Zara make portrait painting the late beloved brother Emmeril Kahn Mumtdz or often called Masculinea sign of love for his sister, Thursday (16/6/2022) Eril’s mother, Atalia Praratya, shared uploaded photos and videos on her Instagram account, the process behind the making of Eril’s portrait painting by her second … Read more

Jiangsu painter’s 3D three-dimensional paintings are fake and real. Netizens: Is this magic?

Thousands of trials and hardships can lead to “wonderful hands” Jiangsu painter’s 3D three-dimensional paintings are fake and real, netizens shouted: Is this magic? Recently, painter Yihen (net name) gained 5 million fans on the short video platform with his superb 3D stereoscopic painting skills. The little girl in his paintings can’t tell whether it … Read more

Vandal threw a cake at Mona Lisa’s painting. The published details of the attack are both amusing and shocking

“The man simulated the disability so that he could approach the work that was installed in the secure display case. He used the principles that should enable people with mobility problems to see the main works in the collection well, “the gallery said in a statement. Maybe this is just nuts to me?but an man … Read more

Mona Lisa: A man dressed as an old woman throws a candy bar at Da Vinci’s painting

May 30, 2022 picture released, Twitter / @ klevisl007 / Reuters comment on the photo, The Mona Lisa is the world’s most famous work of art, created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503 A man disguised as an elderly woman in a wheelchair threw a cake at Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa at the … Read more

The most scandalous and censored acts of women in the world of painting – Klik

Countless artists in the world call the naked body of a woman a masterpiece of nature and the embodiment of perfection. Every self-respecting artist has once again been challenged to capture the beautiful stature of a virgin that art lovers have admired for centuries. However, there are works in the history of painting that have … Read more

Thousands of automated records to ensure the quality of Stansefabrikken’s metal painting

Justė Shapiro, Head of Power Platform, Novian Systems. Customers of Stansefabrikken, a metalworking company that has been operating in Ukmergė for almost 20 years, expect the painted metal parts of their products to be protected from corrosion for up to 50 years. This requires a well-functioning Quality Control System. It was upgraded with the help … Read more