Pamela Anderson with her debut and in excellent shape

Pamela Anderson, 54, made her Broadway debut Tuesday night starring in the iconic musical “Chicago.” . Critic Johnny Oleksinsk said that Anderson sang “very well” and managed to perform a complex choreography at the end of the musical, including by bicycle, Nova TV reports. Before Pamela, many celebrities played Roxy Hart in “Chicago” – Brooke … Read more

Magaly Medina affirms that the party organized by Christian Domínguez for her son was “economic” | Karla Tarazona | Pamela Franco | SHOWS

At the last measurement of your program, Magaly Medina gave her “humble” opinion about the two parties that were organized by Karla Tarazona and Christian Domínguez for their son Valentino. It is worth mentioning that the TV host compared both celebrations and stressed that the singer’s was “economic”. LOOK: Lucía de la Cruz attacks Daniela … Read more

Magaly Medina to Pamela Franco after not putting her hands on the fire for Christian Domínguez: “She is made for future pain” | RMMN entertainment | SHOWS

After Pamela Franco pointed out that she did not agree with the public confession she made Christian Domínguez About the end of her relationship with Isabel Acevedo, Magaly Medina criticized the cumbia singer, considering that it is not convenient for people to talk about the beginning of her relationship with “Wachiman”. READ ALSO: Vania Bludau … Read more

Pamela Franco on jealousy towards Christian Domínguez: “At 33 years old, I can say that the more you take care of him, the worse” RMMN | SHOWS

The singer and leader of ‘Pure Sentiment’, Pamela Francoassured that she is not jealous with her partner Christian Domínguez. Moreover, she reflected that the more you take care of your partner, the worse it is. This was revealed in a live that she made through her Instagram account, where she took the opportunity to clarify … Read more

Pamela Franco shoots against Isabel Acevedo | showbiz eye web | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 03/19/2022 06:10 pm A few days ago, the singer Christian Domínguez He surprised everyone by stating that he will not forgive his ex-partner, the dancer Elizabeth Acevedo. And it is that according to the cumbiambero, she did not want him to visit her son in common with Karla Tarazona. “I forgive everyone, but … Read more

What a shame! The complaints and terrible qualifications that Pamela David receives when selling her used clothes – Paparazzi Magazine

The famous Japanese “organizer” already said it Marie Kondo (which gunpowder did not discover either): we must make room for the new to arrive and get rid of what does not make us happy. With that in mind, pamela david opened her huge dressing room, selected several of her clothes and her daughter Lola and … Read more

Pamela Anderson responds to Pam & Tommy with a documentary on Netflix: “I am not a victim, I am a survivor”.

Home Entertainment Pamela Anderson responds to Pam & Tommy with a documentary on Netflix… Pamela Anderson responds to Pam & Tommy with a documentary on Netflix: “I am not a victim, I am a survivor”. Previous postMarrakech, Mar. 2 (CHAN Next postUkraine – Zelenski warns that if Ukraine disappears, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia “will be … Read more

The mafia may have leaked Pamela Anderson’s famous sex video

So far, we’ve known that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex cassettes have been stolen by an electrician working for them, but now she claims she’s just taken the plunge into the mafia’s pressure. The Mafia leaked a sex video of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in 1996 – He told electrician Rand Gauthier, who … Read more

Magaly Medina supports the retirement of Melissa Paredes: “What she did was a cheat and a liar” | Anthony Aranda | Magaly TV, the firm | Pamela Vertiz | shows

With his return to television, Magaly Medina god one D-Day interview, where he commented on various topics of the Peruvian show business. During her meeting with Pamela Vértiz, the host of Magaly TV, the firm referred to the case of Melissa Paredes, who was withdrawn from America today after an ampay was broadcast in which … Read more