Pampita broke into the air after remembering Elsa Serrano

Yesterday, after confirming the news of the death of the designer Elsa Serrano, the entire fashion scene, family and friends paid tribute to the sad and painful departure of the dressmaker. Among them, Carolina Ardohain, who decided to share her last interview in Pampita Online. In a climate of mixed emotions and feelings, the model … Read more

Pampita, categorical when scoring at the time of sex: “I am a recontra 10, I never received complaints”

When Pampita (42) took out the envelope with the question, asked: “Do I do it to myself?” Moments later, the luxury guest on the first show Women He burst out laughing and blushed a little: “What score do you put on the bed?” There, he tried to shake off the discomfort: “At this time?” AND … Read more

In dialogue with Gabriel Rolón, Pampita told that he has dyslexia

Pampita talked about her dyslexia with Gabriel Rolón (Video: “Pampita Online”, Net TV) Throughout your media tour, Carolina Pampita Ardohain it was characterized by its frontality. He says what he thinks and avoids, as far as possible, dwelling on what they will say. For some time now, he entered a train of confessions of situations … Read more

Pampita could not contain her tears when speaking of Puli Demaría: “They say anything”

Carolina Pampita Ardohain She couldn’t hold back the tears at the end of her show, when the production surprised her on the air and contacted her by Zoom with her close friends on such a special day. Estefanía, Oriana, María and Carolina appeared on the screen to greet the driver and agree on the generosity … Read more

“It’s good that the ladies don’t have a memory” Pampita hit Nicole Neumann squarely!

This week, Nicole Neumann and Claudio Albertario They did a live on Instagram and there they had an interesting round trip talking about their lives. It was there when the panelist of “We a la Mañana” told her colleague that when she was a girl she had an affair with her husband. Far from generating … Read more

Pampita opened his heart: “The presence of your love stays with me forever”

Pampitais ms active than ever on social networks and this Sunday he wanted to share with all of your fanticos avery special message for a person who no longer is on your side. During the quarantine period by the pandemic of coronavirus,the famousare encouraged to upload several photos retro with their loved ones. One of … Read more

Pajamas animal print Roberto García Moritán was a frenzy in a live Instagram of Pampita

Seven months of marriage, Pampita enjoy your love with Roberto García Moritán full-time for the quarantine rule in Argentina by the coronavirus. Happy that the employer has presented a panquequera electric, the model decided to release it making pound cake in live, through a live of Enter, in which he had numerous collaborators, in addition … Read more

“Overcome by the situation”: Vicuña dismissed Pampita

Benjamín Vicuña made his first Instagram Live, shortly after the confirmation that China Suárez herself made about her pregnancy. The person in charge of interviewing him was his countryman, the Chilean journalist María Luisa Godoy, to whom the actor told him that he is in quarantine, taking it with “a lot of responsibility.” The talk … Read more

The emotional unpublished video of Blanca that Pampita shared

In the video never seen before appears White –Who died in September 2012 when he was just 6 years old- and Baptist, another of the model’s children. Comments are also heard from Benjamin Vicuña, with whom at that time they were still a couple. “Tell me faces!” asks Blanca and Bautista begins to list: “Cat … Read more