Highest number of coronavirus cases in Puerto Rico is among people aged 50 to 59

Deaths by the coronavirus COVID-19 in Puerto Rico increased this Wednesday to 11, after the confirmation of three new deaths by the Health Department. Meanwhile, government data shows that the age group with the most cases is 50 to 59 years with a total of 65, followed by the group of 40 to 49 years … Read more

COVID-19 vaccine may be available by 2021

A multinational company of American origin announced Tuesday the selection of a candidate vaccine for COVID-19, which could be available for emergency use authorization in early 2021. In a statement, the company Johnson and Johnson said they hope to start phase one of the human clinical trials of the vaccine in September 2020; while it … Read more

Corona virus in NRW: Violent criticism for pandemic law

The current figures from NRW: 15,005 confirmed cases, 145 deaths Everything you need to know about the development of Covid-19 in NRW can be found here In NRW more than 15,000 people are infected with the corona virus. 145 people have already died as a result of Covid-19 (as of Tuesday, 3 p.m.). An end … Read more

Quirino Ordaz announces the closure of all hotels in Sinaloa due to the coronavirus

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel announced that starting tomorrow, Wednesday 1 and until April 30, all hotels in Sinaloa will be closed, totaling 532 hotels with a capacity of 22,700 rooms, with the purpose of preventing the COVID 19 contagion, a decision that was made after a videoconference held with the Interior Secretary, Olga … Read more

Who is Mabel Cabeza, the ex-functionary controversy of the Department of Health?

The last two secretaries that the Health Department –Concepción Quiñones, on an interim basis, from March 13 to 26, and Lorenzo González, confirmed by the Senate on Saturday– arrived at the post in the midst of the worst pandemic Puerto Rico and the world have faced in the last 100 years . The first management … Read more

Five Hondurans died of Covid-19 in the US; there are 11 more infected

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES.-Five Hondurans died from the coronavirus, and there are 11 more confirmed cases in U.S, as confirmed by the ambassador of Honduras in Washington, María Dolores Agüero. “The information that we have, with the record kept by our Consular Network, is of 16 Hondurans who received a positive diagnosis of Covid – 19. … Read more

Should you wear a mask if you are not sick with COVID-19?

Washington – If you are not sick with the new coronavirus, should you wear a mask in public? The World Health Organization says no. However, the United States authorities weigh whether, eventually, that indication could change. The debate is taking place amid such a severe shortage that the Joint Commission, which accredits American hospitals, said … Read more

A Puerto Rican dies of coronavirus in New York

NY – At least three Latino employees are among eight in the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) who lost their lives to the coronavirus, the state agency reported. According to the MTA, the country’s largest transportation system, lThe deceased Hispanic employees are the supervisor of a subway station, Víctor Zapana, the cleaning employee at … Read more

California to Release 3,500 Inmates to Curb Contagion of COVID-19 in Prisons

The Angels – The state of California will soon grant 3,500 prisoners early release as a measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the prison system, as cases increase in local jails. This is reflected in documents presented by state attorneys on Tuesday, arguing that these “protection and unprecedented” measures were taken to … Read more

The Treasury Department wants airlines to say how they will pay for aid

Dallas – He Treasury Department wants airlines to tell how they will compensate the US government for the $ 25 billion in subsidies used to keep employees on payrolls during the global pandemic. coronavirus. The economic bailout law passed last week gives the Treasury secretary the authority to have decision-making power on airlines that receive … Read more