The pandemic did not unduly disrupt the dynamism of the association “l’Air des Balkans”

By opening the General Assembly of the “Air des Balkans” association in front of François Rivière the mayor, Fatma Adda, regional councilor and Françoise Casalé, departmental councilor, Jean-Pierre Calvez, its president, remained optimistic. Immediately, he announced his willingness to bounce back after the earthquake caused by the pandemic. If the program “before March 15” went … Read more

Quibi executives ready to blame themselves, not just the pandemic

Quibi co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg admitted he was wrong for comments he made in May, fully blaming the company’s failure over the coronavirus pandemic. He’s willing to take the blame for Quibi’s collapse. “The [wasn’t] fair, ”Katzenberg told CNBC earlier today. This conversation with CNBC was the first interview he and CEO Meg Whitman did after … Read more

A “cat’s hand” for education | News from El Salvador

Citizens would welcome the beginning of a true transformation of the national educational system, promised so many times, and it could even inaugurate an unprecedented way of connecting and contrasting the promises of politicians during electoral campaigns with their actual fulfillment. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been developing, in the … Read more

Two healthcare workers bankrupt due to pandemic

Marie-Louise and Charles, a couple in their early sixties, work in a hospital environment. With the pandemic, they preferred not to take any risk to their health and took time off work. A decision that had serious repercussions on their finances … After a few months and given their age, Marie-Louise and Charles finally decided … Read more

Theater: tomorrow there are two crucial meetings to find a solution

Carlos Rottemberg “We never had the dichotomy between health and the economy; We always respect health decisions, but I ask that with ingenuity we think of alternatives to be able to summon the public. It would be an express season that has to be adapted to the number of spectators and actors. I did not … Read more

Vanwall returns … The past grows stronger – AUTOMUNDO

By Wagner Gonzalez It is curious, however, that despite all the technological avant-garde that surrounds the Formula 1, classical values ​​persist and occupy more and more space. This is the case with the creation of a historic car championship focused on models from the three-liter engine era as a way to harness and preserve the … Read more