Epic Fail: Adidas presented the new Boca shoes with River pants!

Since the beginning of this year, Boca and River have in common something more than the rivalry that has united them for decades. As of 2020, the Argentine champion stopped being dressed by Nike to move on to the competition, Adidas. Despite its high prices, those from La Ribera seem to be happy with the … Read more

The affordable two-piece for which Irina Shayk has forgotten the jacket and pants suit

The most wanted glitter outfit The collection Studio of this autumn-winter 2020/21 she again shows off through such beautiful exceptional pieces as this one that, of course, has already fallen in love with icons such as Irina. This is the total look that he has chosen to walk around Milan, with a classic shirt (60 … Read more

The affordable two-piece for which Irina Shayk has forgotten the suit jacket and pants | News

This year, most of the great international designers have wanted to pay tribute to three key decades of the past. Thus, the fall-winter fashion 2020/21 it is full of references to the 90s, 80s and 70s. The 90s for the sporty-chic aesthetic, the 80s for its silver glitter and the 70s for the silhouettes and … Read more

Irina Shayk proves short cycling pants are back

Irina Shayk revolutionizes Instagram by publishing a photo of a teenager. The style of the Russian model. We had already suspected it: this summer 2020 the short cycling pants would return with force. Last holiday season they were everywhere, on many occasions thanks Gigi Hadid looks. Even Zoë Kravitz wore them in white during her … Read more

Chronology of TNI Personnel in Short Pants Shows Handguns to Covid Officers because they are annoyed at being reprimanded

KOMPAS.com – Pratu E, a member of the TNI shows a gun to the Covid-19 Task Force officers Shove, Ilham, because reprimand is not accepted. Ilham said that the incident started when Pratu E visited the Covid-19 Task Force post at the Sorong Mayor’s office to take care of the entry and exit permit (SIKM), … Read more

Kylie Jenner shows off her tiny waist in red leather pants and a black mini top

Kylie Jenner knows what glamor is and in each combination she achieves that chic touch that make her look unique and elegant, surprising all her followers. The cosmetics mogul recently celebrated her 23rd birthday and continues to show that fashion is its greatest ally, as shown in each of its publications since its Instagram account. … Read more

Gabriela Spanic shows her mini waist at 46 years old with transparent knitted pants and a denim jacket

The Venezuelan actress Gabriela Spanic He also took a few days on the beach with his family to get away from the confinement of the city during the quarantine. The always remembered “Usurper”, Due to the success of the novel in 1998, enjoyed in the acapulco beaches a few weeks ago. This is how she … Read more

Horrified! Eko Patrio Shares ART Videos Put Mask in Pants

Jakarta – Recently the artist Eko Patrio shared an astonishing video, Mother. The video shows a household assistant (ART) who did not commend the act, which is putting a mask in his pants. In the video from the CCTV camera, a female ART is seen tidying the room. Then he quietly took a medical mask … Read more

Grocery Exchange, Grocery | Test of new items: – Rema is obviously taken with the pants down

When ten items that have never been tested are picked out, Rema comes chasing after the competitors. Last week, there was only a few øre difference between Extra, Kiwi and Rema on popular items that look and are often tested and monitored. But what about the items that have never been tested before? Is the … Read more