Margot Robbie pictured for the first time on the set of the Barbie movie in pink flared pants and matching vest (photos)

Margot Robbie was pictured dressed as Barbie for the first time, stepping out of her trailer, asshe is filming the new plastic doll movie in Los Angeles, California. The 31-year-old Australian actress was seen leaving her caravan dressed all in pink, like the famous doll, exclusive photos from the Daily Mail reveal. Sipping an iced … Read more

“+10 kg for a 7 cm fetus, I no longer close my pants”: Alexandra (Koh-Lanta) confides in her early pregnancy

© Instagram Alexandrakohlantaoff A few days ago, Alexandra Pornet, the big winner of the “Koh Lanta – Les 4 Terres” edition, announced happy news on her social networks. The young woman is pregnant with her third child. “A new adventure has already begun for me, but this time in the warmth surrounded by my loved … Read more

The daring pants +18 that Jimin used for a presentation with BTS

fans of BTS They’re usually quick to notice the details in guys’ outfits, but this pair of +18-rated pants went under the radar for over a month. In December 2018, the group of HYBE made a special performance of “Airplane Pt. 2” at the respective year’s Melon Music Awards. During this special stage, Park Jimin … Read more

these are the most popular pants of now

If Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton wear the same item within a few weeks, you know it’s in the right place in terms of style. When Jennifer Lopez also appears in it, we know for sure: these pants are so popular among the stars for a reason. After Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, J.Lo follows: … Read more

those of Michelle Hunziker are chic

The Milan design week has returned to its full splendor. After the last limping September edition, the streets of the city are once again filled with parties, exhibitions and installations. We are not the only ones to love this week, even celebs let themselves be photographed on the streets of the Milanese city. From Afef … Read more

Tubes under the prongs. A history of politically incorrect pants

They are over 300 years old, kings at the French court, they were worn by rock stars, beatniks, punks and emo. However, they are of interest not only to people who are experts in fashion trends. Politicians target them every now and then. A to minister Przemysaw Czarnek he will say: “Against the background of … Read more

Alexa Dellanos poses on the stairs, wearing tight latex pants

Alexa Dellanos. Foto: Grosby Group / Grosby Group Alexa Dellanos He really likes going out at night, and now he shared on his account Instagram some photographs that show her wearing a sexy outfit made up of a minitop with gloved sleeves and tight black latex pants that outlined her figure to the fullest. She … Read more

From Johnny Depp’s night of celebrations to Hailey Bieber’s transparent pants: celebrities in one click

In addition, Orlando Bloom sunbathed on the beaches of Santa Bárbara and Dua Lipa visited La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​before her next concert in that city. Hailey Bieber went out to dinner with her husband Justin Bibier and chose a very playful outfit: transparent pants! (Photo: The Grosby Group) After hectic weeks, Johnny Depp … Read more

The strength of the European League conquerors – in pants: the coach allows himself one small superstition

A sea of ​​crazy Eintracht fans has captivated Europe this spring, but the dark blue helmsman’s pants shouldn’t be in the shadows. The 47-year-old, who believed in the mascot of success, did not change them from the very beginning of the playoffs in the European League. More precisely, once I had to do it – … Read more

Stephanie’s most popular mother is about Eurovision-winning son: when he started writing songs and wearing worn-out pants, I was shocked.

The woman has worked in a local chemical plant since her youth, then had her own business and is now a saleswoman. She is no celebrity, so her son’s fans’ attention and requests to interview her confuse her. Bloggers watching Eurovision were impressed by Ukraine’s performance, and some were even very surprised to learn that … Read more