the protests in San Paolo- Corriere TV

Many people took to the streets to the chorus of “murderer”, addressing the off-duty lieutenant accused of the murder of the wrestler After the death of Leandro Lo, martial arts legend and eight-time world champion in jiu-jitsu, dozens and dozens of people took to the streets of Sao Paulo in the night between 7 and … Read more

At the San Paolo stones throwing on the Petruzzelli orchestra: the musicians start an hour late

Institutions and law enforcement agencies speak of stunt. Last night in the San Paolo district some children, presumably local minors, climbed a wall and from there they threw some stones on the musicians of the orchestra of the Petruzzelli Theater Foundation who were about to perform in the new Giovanni Paolo II park. Then, they … Read more

Alondra García Miró: what did you study and what are your companies? | This is War | reality guys | Paolo Guerrero | entertainment

Lark Garcia Miro it’s found enjoying a vacation in Europe while her friend Lorena Cárdenas, wife of ‘Coyote Rivera’ confirmed the end of her affair with Paolo Guerrero. In addition to her participation in programs such as “This is war” and “Combat”, the model is dedicated to exercising her career and implementing this knowledge in … Read more

In Turin, young people from all over the world for the Climate Social Camp: “We have little time left”. Traffic blocked and blitz against Snam and Intesa San Paolo

“The situation of the planet is critical, we have little time left. We are the present and we are the future ”. Michelin Sallata is 25, is Indonesian and represents the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities, a network of indigenous communities from 24 different countries trying to save over 950 million forests fromAmazonia to the … Read more

Do Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró leave behind rumors of separation after detail on Instagram?

After speculation about the separation between Lark Garcia Miro y Paolo Guerrero, the beautiful model reappeared at an event and was reunited with all her audience. And it is that the Peruvian influencer and actress continues her life despite the rumors of the end of her relationship with the national team after several weeks. “After … Read more

Paolo Guerrero: Alondra García Miró hesitated alone in Karina Jordan’s marriage | Diego Seyfarth entertainment RMMN | SHOWS

Updated on 06/26/2022 08:06 pm The model Lark Garcia Miro was caught enjoying the wedding party of Karina Jordan and Diego Seyfarth without the company of Paolo Guerrerothus increasing speculation of a love break. The Instagram account “Instarándula”, by Samuel Suárez, published images of the moment in which the actress sings and dances surrounded by … Read more

Paolo Pilotto | Who is the new mayor of Monza

Paolo Pilot he is the new mayor of Monza and after five years of center-right administration the city returns to the center-left. Despite the benefit recorded in the first round by the opponent Dario Allevi, Pilotto after a head-to-head managed to overturn the political game at ballot. 62 years old, married and with two children, … Read more