The Paper House: Will Nairobi revive in this fifth season?

The Nairobi character has been one of the most mourned in the series La Casa de Papel on Netflix, since it was known that she would no longer be in this successful and addictive story, its director Álex Pina managed to find a way to to return, to the actress Alba Flores, to the plot … Read more

Tokio from La casa de papel infarcta wearing a leggings with mini top and showing her irresistible body

In The paper house, the characteristic costume of each member of the clan is a loose red jumpsuit along with a Salvador Dalí mask, which became a seal of the band. But when Tokio, played by Úrsula Corberó, shed her costume and showed her great body on the deserted island next to Rio in the … Read more

Find out which characters will die in the fifth season of La Casa de Papel

After the death of Nairobi in the fourth season of the successful Netflix series, La Casa de Papel, hundreds of doubts and hypotheses have been generated about which character will die in the fifth part of this Spanish story that keeps his faithful fans waiting. . Three names ring out loud this time: Denver, Helsinky … Read more