【Site Materials】ASUS Zenfone 9 Parallel Import Arrival- PCM

ASUS will release Zenfone 9 in Hong Kong on August 16, but parallel imports have already arrived in Hong Kong a few days ago. Parallel imports provide three versions of 8+128, 8+256 and 16+256, and the asking prices are $5,450, $5,959 and $6,750 respectively. White, black and red three color options. As a thin-screen mobile … Read more

Chinese brands have begun to explore the Russian laptop market – they do not need parallel imports

Chinese laptop manufacturers are gradually beginning to expand into the Russian market, which is freeing itself from Western brands. According to Izvestia, the Chinese brand Thunderobot has already begun to officially supply computer equipment in cooperation with a domestic partner, M.Video – Eldorado. Image Source: Eldorado According to the publication, laptops from other Chinese companies … Read more

Warranty service for parallel imports. Underwater rocks

Hello. Since May 15, parallel imports have been operating in Russia, and every week more and more goods are delivered with its help. With parallel imports, goods are delivered without the manufacturer, as a result, he does not bear any warranty obligations. And here the question arises, who and how will service the sold electronics, … Read more

During the times of the USSR, Ukrainians often worked in Czechoslovakia for the occupation army. Not everyone sees the parallel with the current war

She owns an Internet cafe in Odesa, Ukraine, but in her spare time she knits camouflage for soldiers on the front. She is not alone, women from various professions participate in the production of camouflage nets. Work for the week I am with them and other volunteers in the basement of a house in Odessa … Read more

When did the Earth’s revolution parallel to that of Neptune? Read the explanation

NORTH TIMES – The time of the earth’s revolution parallel with Neptune it can be seen near the end of this year. Timeline of the earth’s revolution parallel with Neptune complete with an explanation of this unique event will be explained here. Earth revolution parallel with Neptune will occur on November 17, 2022. for the … Read more

Parallel import has nothing to do with it. Prices for video cards collapsed in Russia because they are no longer needed

<!– Эльяс Касми –> 28 June 2022 09:47 28 June 2022 09:47 | Share Prices for new video cards in Russia have fallen by 30-40%, including the top models. This is directly related to the drop in the profitability of mining in the country – the mining of cryptocurrencies has almost ceased to be profitable, … Read more

There are still a few days left, let’s witness the Parallel Planet Phenomenon that only happens every 19 years

1TULAH.COM–The rare phenomenon of parallel planets in the Milky Way galaxy cluster, it can still be seen until June 30, 2022. Eitss…of course using special binoculars/telescopes. This rare phenomenon only occurs every 19 years. So it’s not surprising that the planet’s configuration, which always moves in the month of June, has become a hot topic … Read more

Singaporean Teenagers Take Photos of Rare Planets Parallel Phenomena Using Mobile Phone Cameras

TRIBUNBATAM.id – Charmaine Leean original teenager Singapore managed to capture the rare moment where the four planets are aligned and visible from Earth. The 16-year-old student from Junyuan Middle School even only used the iPhone 13’s cellphone camera to capture the phenomenon astronomy which has reportedly only appeared a few times since 2015. The four parallel … Read more

Sightings of 5 Planets and Moons Parallel in the Sky of Indonesia : Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Phenomenon The rare five planets and the Moon that appear to be parallel in the sky today, Friday (24/6/2022), have actually received an enthusiastic response from Indonesian netizens. According to Okezone’s observation, a number of netizens shared photos of their personal observations when they witnessed firsthand the appearance of five planets and the … Read more