PlayStation changed the trophy system: what are the new parameters

The most important modification is that trophy level is changed from 1-100 to 1-999. This will cause the users level to be adjustment automatically, taking as reference the new proportions. This level adjustment has two objectives. On the one hand, it will allow beginning players to advance more quickly. On the other hand, it will […]

New medical report of the Chaco Palavecino, hospitalized for coronavirus: “It presents slight improvements in all vital parameters”

The Chaco PalavecinoTwo days from have been admitted to the intensive therapy area of ​​the High Complexity Medical Institute of Rosario de Lerma, after having tested positive for coronavirus, Chaqueño Palavecino’s picture evolves favorably. According to the latest medical report that was released this Sunday through his social networks, the musician “is stable.” “The Chaco […]

Do you choose an operator and a tariff for a child? It is good to focus on these parameters

“If you want to assess the available offers diligently, set aside enough time for this activity, as there are several dozen operators in the telecommunications market and each of them has several different products in its portfolio,” says Eduarda Hekšová, director of the consumer organization dTest. The parameters for selecting an operator for a child […]

Robots measure the vital parameters of patients without contact

In the emergency room, doctors or nurses are currently at risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. According to American scientists, robots could also make an initial risk assessment. You have presented a new concept. First contact in the emergency room: a robot records symptoms and vital parameters. Photo: MIT During the current coronavirus pandemic, the […]

Will the Ford Bronco hybrid reveal the parameters, will it also go to Europe?

According to unofficial information, we will see a six-cylinder in combination with an electric motor, which also uses the hybrid Ford Explorer available in Europe. The new Ford Bronco was introduced only with conventional internal combustion engines, but former brand director Jim Hackett confirmed last year that we will also see an electrified version. A […]

Xiaomi unveils new electric scooters. We know their parameters and Czech prices

Xiaomi today introduced new products for Europe. In addition to the new bracelet Mi Smart Band 5 we also saw the introduction of three new electric scooters Mi Scooter, which are very popular in our region. Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 The flagship of the new scooters is the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. This […]

The Last of Us Part II : more than 60 settings to manage the difficulty and accessibility presented in the videos

We’re more than just a few days of the launch of The Last of Us Part IIand Naughty Dog yet still some small details to give us on the project. He has just done a big point on the accessibility settings that will give the opportunity to the largest number of try exclusive to PS4. […]