waiting for the test room to block the drive to Pardubice. Situation and city police Home

Pardubice Queues of cars, their ideas are waiting for collection due to tests for a new type of coronavirus in the private laboratory Medila, block the drive to Pardubice. The column ranges from sdla company in trossov street and to nemoic. The situation should be resolved by an online reserved system, said Mayor Petr Kva … Read more

HOCKEY ONLINE: Pardubice quickly withdraws the Třinec lead in the final of the cup

Třinec hockey players reach for the Generali Česká pojišťovna Cup. They came to Pardubice with a significant lead for the retaliatory match of the final of the summer competition, they won the first duel at home 3: 0 on Wednesday. The goals were taken care of by the attackers Filip Zadina, the reinforcements of the … Read more

A senior cannot dispose of his house, according to the office he owes CZK 1,600. It is Chapter XXII, the court stated – ČT24 – Česká televize

Jiří Jambor took out an employee loan in 1971, the condition of which was that he would work for ten years in the factory where he took it. He fulfilled this and used up 18,400 crowns at the time. “I didn’t finish until 1989 and I have an exit letter where I didn’t owe anything,” … Read more

The two-time winner of the Great Pardubice Festival left. White queen, grasshopper with a big heart

Today 20:57 – Prague One of the racing legends of the last decades on the domestic scene is over. Czech Television reported on the end of the life of the twenty-year-old white Sixteen, a two-time winner of the Great Pardubice. The mare was bought in France by film producer Jaroslav Bouček and coached by Josef … Read more

Cup playoff quarterfinals: Sparta fell in Liberec, Hradec caught a debacle. Zlín lost to Pardubice

From left Jan Šír, author of the first goal Jaroslav Vlach and Ronald Knot from Liberec are happy. Radek Petrášek, ČTK Třinec set out for a clear win and progress in the first period. Zadina, who is due to start the season in the extraleague with a view to the later start of the NHL, … Read more

The hospital in Pardubice is inspecting the transport of a patient with covid-19 who died. The case is also being dealt with by the police – ČT24 – Czech Television

The directors of hospitals from Pardubice and Čáslav are finding out exactly what happened. Step by step, they map a four-day journey of a patient from a doctor’s office from Třemošnice in the Chrudim region through hospitals in Pardubice and Čáslav to Prague Na Bulovku, where he died last week on Thursday. According to the … Read more

Bohemians – Pardubice 0: 0, Pilsen won for the second time in Austria, Bohemians did not give the newcomer a goal

Pilsen striker Tomáš Chorý rejoices at the goal. Vlastimil Vacek, Right “The victory will please. A very solid match on our part. I am glad that we unrolled the line-up and all the boys who were fit and ready jumped into the match,” said Pilsen coach Adrian Guľa in a recording for the media. “Good … Read more

The Pardubice Region fined České dráhy and Leo Express for delays or parked vehicles

The Pardubice Region imposed sanctions on railway carriers on regional lines for unrepaired and delayed trains, non-complied connections and parking of vehicles. For the period from last December 15 to the end of March this year, Leo Express estimated them at 215,200 crowns, and Czech Railways at 1,046,140 crowns. This was stated by the spokesman … Read more

Vandas: I was a pessimist, I gave ten percent to finish the league

The executive and sports director of Dukla footballers, Pavel Vandas, was a pessimist and gave ten percent the completion of the superstructure group for the rescue. Even so, he is disappointed that due to the coronavirus infection in the Opava team, the highest competition will not be completed and the Prague club will remain in … Read more