Rodrigo Gonzáles ‘Peluchín’ to Melissa Paredes: “you settle for anyone who passes by and moves your pelvis well” | farándula-celebs | SHOWS

Updated on 12/05/2021 10:08 am Overwhelming. Rodrigo gonzalez, host of the show ‘Love and Fire’ He went back to the model Melissa Paredes, who weeks ago was discovered kissing with the dancer Anthony Aranda, this while still maintaining a relationship with Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba. The popular ‘Peluchín‘he referred to the alleged love affair that is … Read more

Walter Obregón puzzled by Susy Díaz: “They cut me off like ‘Gato’ Cuba” | Melissa Paredes | IMP | SHOWS

After the controversial Susy Díaz revealed that she ended her relationship with businessman Walter Obregón, the popular ‘Prince of Huarmey’ was surprised and he pointed out that the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba feels because the blonde finished it in the same style as Melissa Paredes and did not communicate anything to him. READ MORE: Susy … Read more

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IS IT THE SENSATION? Rodrigo Cuba has gained popularity after his ex-wife Melissa Paredes went ampayara with her dancer Anthony Aranda and separated from the model in a scandalous way being covered in all the newspapers nationwide. However, today the footballer enjoys the affection of the public. ALSO READ: The faith of Cuto: Juan Manuel … Read more

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In recent days, an ‘ampay’ of Rodrigo Cuba with a model in the apartment where he lived with Melissa Paredes. True to style, Magaly Medina revealed who this young blonde is and discovered that she is involved in show business, something that Jorge Cuba, father of the soccer player, does not like. ALSO READ: ‘Mr. … Read more

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WHAT A SHAME. Melissa Paredes reappeared at a public event last Saturday, November 27. The ex-driver was present at the designer Yirko Sivirich’s fashion show and spread the best postcards of the moment through her social networks, however, He did not notice a detail: his ex-partner Ignacio Baladán was as a model. READ ALSO: “OFFICIALLY … Read more

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His appetite whetted more. Melissa Paredes since he moved to his new apartment after a divorce agreement with Rodrigo Cuba Share on your social networks all the activities you do either with your friends, the days you spend with your daughter, even the details that he receives as a supposed gallant, the one that everyone … Read more

Rodrigo Cuba indirectly returns Melissa Paredes | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 11/20/2021 07:10 am Rodrigo Cuba, the new ‘jale’ of the Sport Boys club for the 2022 season, is no stranger to the hints that his still wife, the model Melissa Paredes, constantly sends him. SIGHT: Melissa Paredes shows off helping her daughter with her homework and sends a message to ‘Gato’ Cuba: “Don’t … Read more

Lourdes Sacín sends a message to Melissa Paredes about ‘let’s unite women’: “That has nothing to do with gender”, video

Lourdes Sacín had harsh words towards Melissa Paredes, who has spoken after the ampay with her dancer Anthony Aranda, despite still being married to Rodrigo Cuba. Now, the ex-partner has signed a conciliation for the welfare of his youngest daughter. However, when Melissa was approached by the cameras of Magaly TV: La Firme, she made … Read more

Rodrigo Cuba on Instagram enjoys the moments with his daughter to the fullest and touches fans with these images, Melissa Paredes, video

The father of the year. Rodrigo Cuba fought to get joint tenure for his daughter after the separation of Melissa Paredes and he did it, so these first days of the week it was his turn up to him to take full responsibility for taking care of just his cocky. In your account Instagram, He … Read more