17 firefighters isolated in Seville after two positives in Aljarafe parks

Seville, Aug 20 (EFE) .- A total of 17 firefighters from the Sevillian Aljarafe parks are isolated in their homes as a result of the positive of two workers from the Mairena del Aljarafe and Santiponce parks. As sources from the Parks Staff Board have informed Efe, positive cases have been known since last Saturday, … Read more

President Piñera announces new Rio Clarillo and Salar del Huasco National Parks

President Sebastián Piñera announced the recategorization of the Río Clarillo National Reserve in national park, in the Metropolitan Region, and the creation of the Salar del Huasco National Park, in the Tarapacá Region. The President assured that in the International Day of National Parks, this announcement reinforces “the commitment to the importance of the conservation … Read more

Chile: Controversial authorization of houses and parks for the national holiday

Next weekend Chileans will celebrate the National Holidays, although in a completely different context due to the coronavirus pandemic. This time, the commemoration of the Independence of Chile, which traditionally takes place on September 18 and 19 this year, extends to Sunday 20, will be limited. For health reasons, there will be no large gatherings … Read more

Cold wave in Florida causes park closures and ‘iguana rain’ – US and Canada – International

The first cold wave of 2020 in Florida, where lows of up to 0 degrees Celsius have been recorded, It forced the closure of some of the region’s famous theme parks on Wednesday and has caused a good number of iguanas to fall from the trees due to low temperatures. “This is not something we … Read more

Breaking news: New coronavirus measure in Kastamonu! Smoking is prohibited in the squares and parks …

Kastamonu In a written statement made by the Governorship, the Provincial Hygiene Board chaired by Governor Avni Çakır coronavirus It was reported that it was gathered to discuss the measures to be taken regarding the outbreak. It was noted that insufficient compliance with the measures taken, especially the physical distance rule, increased the rate of … Read more

Bogota | How is the reopening of parks and bike paths going – Bogotá

Bogotá began on Thursday, August 27, the phase of gradual economic reactivation. The ‘new normal’ that will govern until next December 31 brought with it the opening of sectors, the end of quarantines and the return of the Sunday bike path and metropolitan parks. After more than five months, Bogota citizens will be able to … Read more

District announces new measures for exercise in parks

The District Mayor’s Office announced three new measures regarding the practice of physical activity, which will take effect from this Wednesday, August 26: Among these will be the practice of individual physical activity in public spaces and parks without restriction of hours, with mandatory use of masks and physical distancing. This measure is taken to … Read more

The consumption of drugs and alcohol in parks disturbs Trois-Rivières

TROIS-RIVIÈRES | Gatherings in public outdoor places, such as community parks and gardens, worry citizens in Trois-Rivières because a lot of waste related to alcohol and drug consumption is visible on the ground. “We see small groups and I find it not” safe “! So I go around the park, ”said a resident who walked … Read more