Right of way cuts curve: does he have to take part?

An intersection, a person who drives off and a driver who has the right of way – an accident occurs. Clear thing? No, also eReally clear traffic situations can become complicated. A person required to wait may only enter an intersection if he does not endanger or harm anyone. However, if another car with right … Read more

Coffee with the aroma of a woman: actors who will be part and details of the new version – People – Culture

The American network ‘Telemundo’ and ‘Canal RCN’ announced a new version of ‘Café, con aroma de mujer’, one of the most successful Colombian telenovelas of all time, whose original version was produced by ‘RCN Colombia’ and broadcast between 1994 and 1995. It was written by the late librettist Fernando Gaitán, also the writer of ‘Yo … Read more

US.- Trump begins to withdraw part of his diplomatic corps deployed in Iraq

MADRID, 3 Dic. (EUROPA PRESS) – The US government has begun withdrawing half of its diplomats from the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, according to State Department sources, amid escalating tensions with Iran, after the recent assassination of scientist Mohsen Fajrizadé, considered the director of its nuclear program, and for which Tehran blames Israel, a … Read more

COVID-19 Holidays Part One: Six Safety Guidelines to Consider as You Plan Your Holiday Season

In SpanishFor many families, the holiday season has started. Before the pandemic, your family and friends may have joined one another to share special meals, make memories, and celebrate the traditions of your holiday season together. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this year’s holiday season may look a bit different. Staying at … Read more

She always dreamed of being a mother and died within hours of giving birth

Chelsea Pearce was a 29 year old young woman, originally from Chelsea, England, which She died a few hours after giving birth, having the greatest wish in life to be able to become a mother. Chelsea, who was a health advisor, was scheduled for a C-section on December 4 for have problems with a lung, … Read more

Turbine Control System Market 2020 by Size, Best Growth Opportunities, Industry Countries, Geographic Sharing Segmentation and Part of Competitive Landscape by 2026

Turbine Control System Market report offers a detailed assessment of the market, highlighting information on different aspects including drivers, restraints, opportunities, threats, and global markets, including progress trends, competitive environment analysis, and regions. key, the state of expansion. This report is the global numerical analysis of the Turbine Control System industry and provides data for … Read more

The sports ministry promises to allocate the major part of its budget to the development program of sports practice and infrastructure

Like all his colleagues, Sports Minister Matar Ba faced the deputies. Its 2021 budget project was voted at 68.31 billion. For the Steering, Coordination and Administrative Management Program, the appropriations dedicated to this program stand at CFAF 1,724,931,535 in commitment authorization and CFAF 1,524,931,535 in payment credit. Most of the budget will be allocated to … Read more

Córdoba adds 118 new cases and 36 hospitalizations due to Covid in the last 24 hours

Antigen test at the Reina Sofía Hospital | BOARD OF ANDALUSIA The Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía has notified this Saturday that the province of Córdoba has added another 118 infections, one death and 36 hospitalizations due to Covid 19 in the last 24 hours. Currently, in the hospitals of … Read more

Holocaust Education Institute _erinnern.at_ will be part of the OeAD education agency from 2022

Bringing together two strong actors supports Holocaust education in Austria Vienna (OTS) – As of 2022, the Austrian Holocaust Education Institute _erinnern.at_ will be integrated into the OeAD-GmbH. The integration process starts immediately. On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research (BMBWF), the association _erinnern.at_ supports teaching about National Socialism and the … Read more