Skoda Fabia 2nd generation (3rd part) – diesel engines

Skoda Fabia 2 diesel engines 2007-2015 First, briefly about diesel engines in such old cars. Even if you choose among the newest pieces, it will still be seven or eight year old vehicles. Don’t be naive and don’t run into a seasoned salesman who will force you to buy a car with a lean 90 … Read more

Ukraine, live coverage – Pope: “Chechens and Buryats the most brutal part of the Russian troops”. Zakharova: ‘It’s not Russophobia, it’s perversion’

28 Nov 202222:13 Plane alarm in three regions of Ukraine Air raid sirens are ringing in three Ukrainian regions, especially in the areas of Kharkiv, Dnipro and Poltava. This was reported by the local media, which speak of some explosions in Poltava and Dnipro. 28 Nov 202218:30 Ukrainian forces damage a bridge in the Zaporizhzhia … Read more

Products that are on sale for a short time as part of the Smiling November Deals

Hundreds of thousands of products in dozens of categories, from fashion to electronics, personal care to cosmetics, from home life to mother-child products, are on sale since the beginning of November as part of the Smiling November Opportunities! However, the discounts are almost over. “I wish I had bought it when it was on sale.” … Read more

Here’s the story of the murder incident that occurred in Kampung Kruni Stabat Langkat

WahanaNews-Langkat | An argument between Fendi (HKI Zone II employee) and Indra Mahendra in front of Eka Maulina’s house, Indra Mahendra’s ex-wife and a murder took place on Jalan. Ahmad Yani Kp. Kwala Bingei Urban Village, Stabat District. Monday (28/11/2022) 10.00 WIB Here’s the story at that time, Fend (47), an HKI Seacion II employee, … Read more

Skeletonist Zunte, who left Latvia, has competed in her first competition as part of Estonia

Zunte showed the eighth fastest time in the first race, and the seventh fastest time in the second, taking the eighth place in the competition of 15 skeleton athletes in the sum of two races. She was 2.21 seconds behind the winner Jacqueline Lelling of Germany. Lelling’s compatriot Corinne Leipold was second, 0.87 seconds behind, … Read more

Was Kugyo the legitimate successor in “Kamakura-dono no Thirteen”? The Truth About Kamakura’s Greatest Tragedy Lands Related to “Kamakura-dono” (Part 23) | JBpress autograph

Text = Shinobu Takahashi Photographs = photo library Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine Was Kugyo the legitimate successor to Kamakura-dono? The assassination of Minamoto no Sanetomo, which is said to be “Kamakura’s greatest tragedy” in the Taiga drama “Kamakura-dono no Thirteen”. This time, I would like to take up Kogyo, played by Kanichiro, who is the perpetrator … Read more

Boric’s 10 somersaults that explain part of the blood in his approval

Two weeks ago, after announcing the Pension Reform of his government, the President Gabriel Boric experienced a significant increase in its citizen approval according to the Cadem survey. After being practically for a month with adhesion figures below 30 points, the President raised eight from one week to the next, going from 25% to 33%. … Read more

The Last of Us: Part I

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> We all know and love this story – mostly. Released in the summer of 2013, The Last of Us shaped the narrative of adventure games, although it itself was born as a child of inspiration. Resident Evil 4 and Ico were indicated. It delighted with the setting, gameplay and story tense with emotions – … Read more

Being part of the 5am club has improved my emotional well-being (but it’s not for everyone).

I am part of 5am ​​club before knowing that this concept existed that is now being talked about so much by the work and grace of the leadership expert Robin Sharma –who turned his method into a book in 2018– and is practiced by, among others, Anna Wintour, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim Cook or Michelle Obama. … Read more