CDC Says Coronavirus Can Spread Through Tiny Airborne Particles

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledged Monday that the coronavirus can spread through microscopic respiratory particles known as aerosols that float in the air for minutes or even hours before being inhaled. On its website, the CDC said that even people who followed social distancing guidelines have become infected through this type … Read more

Fine particles from Oregon fires reach Switzerland –

Pushed by westerly winds, the very fine particles of smoke emitted by the mega-fires currently ravaging the western United States have now reached Switzerland. Strong concentrations, but temporary, which are not good for health. At least 30 people have died in the fires and authorities have ordered mass evacuations. US President Donald Trump traveled to … Read more

Scientists have spotted a collection point for new particles of coronavirus – Science

TASS, August 24. Brazilian doctors have found that the cells of patients with severe forms of coronavirus infection contain many microdroplets of fat, in which new viral particles are assembled. Scientists have published preliminary results of their work in the electronic scientific library bioRxiv. ‚ÄúPatients had more fat microdroplets in immune cells than healthy volunteers. … Read more

Also metal particles in pizza packages of the Jumbo | Inland

THE HAGUE – Metal particles have also been found in the pizza packages of the Jumbo’s house brand. Jumbo therefore immediately removes the Pizzakit from the shelves. Whoever bought such a package for homemade pizza can take it back to the store. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) issued that message on … Read more

Scientists have compared the number of viral particles in carriers of SARS-CoV-2 with symptoms and without

A new study has confirmed that those infected with the coronavirus who do not show the clinical signs of Covid-19 are almost as dangerous to healthy people as other patients. A team of American scientists from the Broad Institute analyzed the viral load in hospitalized patients with Covid-19, as well as in asymptomatic carriers of … Read more

Asphalt covering roads releases toxic particles, study finds

A highway. Drawing. – PixaBay The asphalt used to build the roads is said to be likely to leak toxic substances when exposed to sun and rain, say researchers Americans. Their work published on July 8 in the scientific journal Environmental Science & Technology evoke several thousand water-soluble components, detected during a simulation. Chemistry specialists … Read more