“It was consented”: PS deputy André Pinotes Batista denies suspected rape – Portugal

PS deputy, André Pinotes Batista, denies any suspicion of having raped a woman in the summer of last year, following a complaint filed in the DIAP do Barreiro: “I am not accused of anything nor do I know of any accusation, I just had an occasional relationship. with a woman and was consented”, he told … Read more

CES proposes to end “gold” visas to help Portuguese have more babies | Birth

Relate the “visas” gold” and fiscal support for non-habitual residents with birth problems might sound strange. But the explanation is simple: those measures made housing prices soar, which made it impossible for many young adults to leave their parents’ home and start their own family. The end of that support is thus one of the … Read more

Portuguese student at UMinho at Erasmus in Greece dies after 23 days in a coma – Portugal

The young woman was a student of the Language and European Studies course at the University of Minho (UM). He was in Athens, the capital of Greece, in Erasmus, where, on Friday, he lost his life after falling from the sixth floor of a building on the 17th of last month. The young woman was … Read more

“Bad interpretation”: Marta Temido gets emotional due to controversy with “resilience” in the SNS – Society

The Health Minister, Marta Temido, denied this Thursday that she had said that it was necessary to recruit more resilient health professionals and apologized if she had caused a misunderstanding. “I did not say at any time that it is necessary to recruit professionals [de saúde] more resilient. He said that it is necessary that … Read more

Government bets on pension increase to convince BE and PCP to approve OE – Politics

The Government presented the latest cards to try to convince its former partners on the left to make the State Budget (OE) for 2022 viable. The most emblematic measure is the anticipation of payment of the extra 10 euros increase in pensions from August to January next year and the extension of the increase to … Read more

Intercampus Study: See the result of the audit of the surveys of local authorities – Tv Media

This Thursday, Intercampus revealed the conclusions of an audit of the pre-election polls of the last local elections, and whose results generated a feeling of distrust and were the target of criticism by several politicians. An analysis to which APODEMO – Portuguese Association of Market and Opinion Research Companies joined. “The pre-election polls were criticized … Read more