Experts have confirmed: the remains of partisan commander J.Vitkaus-Kazimieraitis were discovered in Leipalingi

15min at the end of October visited the place where a group of archaeologists, led by Linas Kvizikevicius, discovered the remains of several people, most likely partisans. In one pit, the remains of two people were found, above which a grenade was also discovered. Nearby, in the same yard, more remains were discovered, or rather … Read more

Russian propaganda “found” Audrias Butkevičius in Ukraine, experts warn not to be deceived

Moscow has already accused the British The English-language pro-Russian portal “The Grayzone” published the alleged correspondence in electronic letters, in which, in addition to A. Butkevičius, the former adviser of the NATO Secretary General, Chris Donnelly, and Guy Spindler, presented as a British agent, appear. The Russian regime’s desire to escalate the story is shown … Read more

Ukrainian partisans significantly hinder the operation of Russian troops / Diena

Guerrilla attacks limit Russia’s ability to defend itself against counterattacks by the Ukrainian army and continue its offensive. The operational security of Russian troops is at a low level, and this has allowed Ukrainian guerrillas to carry out attacks. Russia is increasingly experiencing a shortage of soldiers, which is likely to degrade the ability of … Read more

Ukrainian partisans eliminated another Russian-appointed mayor

“Today, as a result of a deliberate car explosion, the head of the city of Mykhaylivka in the Zaporozhye Region, Ivan Suško, was killed,” Rogov announced. An explosive device was placed under his car. Suško was injured and taken to hospital in critical condition, where he died as a result of his injuries. According to … Read more

How Ukrainian partisans operate –

While the Ukrainian army is delivering blow after blow in the Kherson region, thus hinting at preparations for a counteroffensive, another invisible force is helping them on the other side of the front – an army of guerrillas, a network of agents and informers who operate behind enemy linesthe BBC Russia Service summarizes in an … Read more

Life in an occupied Ukrainian city: explosions, partisans, searches

Almost 15 years have passed since I left my childhood home for the regional center of Kharkiv. Now I have a higher education, an apartment in a big city, a car and a family: a wife and a son. Until February 24 I had two prestigious jobs. However, during the warm season, my wife and … Read more

Kherson: Our partisans have another victory; it will be with every traitor

Collaborator Dmitro Savluchenko, who headed the family, youth and sports affairs department of the occupied administration, was killed in an explosion on Friday in the Russian-occupied southern Ukrainian city of Ukraine, said Serhiy Hlan, an adviser to the head of Ukraine’s Kherson district administration. “Our partisans have another victory – Dmitro Savluchenko, head of the” … Read more

Partisans in action. They prepared such a “gift” for the Russians – o2

The inhabitants of the city of Melitopol, which has been occupied by Russian troops since March, are resisting the invaders. As the mayor of the city, Ivan Fedorov, said on Ukrainian television, local farmers reacted in an unusual way to the “request” of the Russians to hand over the cherries. The poisoned cherry made the … Read more

April 25, the video story from Milan. Pagliarulo: “No to divisions”. Ukrainian refugee from the stage: “We partisans”. Even NATO flags and protests

“Let’s make today April 25, 2022 the day of hope, let’s not get caught up in the demon division“, Was the appeal from the stage in Piazza Duomo a Milano of the president of the national Anpi Gianfranco Pagliarulo.During the procession, which started from Porta Venezia, the divisions and the disputes however there have been … Read more